circular flux

Cardinal Cross 003

Breath of the Night Oracle

Quick read asking cards for central theme to focus towards re: Cardinal Cross
Sky square with a big red X from corner to corner – dealing with the inner & outer.

Cardinal energies drive us to take our lead, enthusiastically express ourselves, seek exploration into all corners.  Express, take the temps, re-apply force.

The central card is the hub of the wheel aka: Earth – where we meet the cross. 

Not surprisingly, mountain was pulled – indicating a need to go around. 
Cardinal energy is jangling elbows unless we are able to work the energy properly.

Keeping each point of stress in motion, in circular flux & being fluid is key.

Healing the inner child is indicated.  Leaving behind that which does not support beneficial growth.  Venus Rx in Capricorn (heart, tower) is calling us to examine Mother, nurturing, family (Cancer – womb and the tomb; child, tower).  We also examine our money, values and self-worth our status (heart, tower).

We reconsider how we have built our foundations since childhood, change tactics if need be (stork, tower).  Shedding unwanted situations, transformation upward is the hallmark of Saturn mutual reception Pluto in stodgy Capricorn. (Stork, tower)

Stork moves UP, leaves behind cold hurts of the past, as loves and young innocence are lost, growth and maturity is established and we move onwards and upwards …