good trades

Full Moon 25 Cancer
ull Moon perfects in Cancer 10, opposite Sun in Capricorn 4.

Again a vibe of Cardinals pushing the envelope.

Initiating fresh starts, diving headfirst, what’s over here ?  Let’s find out !
Are you coming ?  I’m having you for dinner. Hurry UP !
Cooking in my own stew – PoPped out fooled you.  Hiding shell in plain sight.

Feelings, home, family expansion in co-op w Pluto, Venus, Mercury in Capricorn.
Collectively we see the value in changing how we trade and deal.

Home kindred, philosophy, transformation thereof meets social responsibility, career ambitions – – we see how we foster thought hearts blooming in one another.

Saturn in Scorp trines this culminating Full Moon; sextiles Sun & Venus Rx while in mutual reception with Pluto. Reconfigure the tired notions of self, kindred, tribe.

Nod to Uranus – crack the whip MOoOoVE it on UP – get inventive, social, brave – emotionally & creatively connect with those of like values, heart/mind set.

Neptune trine NNode perfecting at Full Moon
How do you feel about the trade ?
Sun quintiles Uranus – the results might surprise even you.

Peace Love
Gneiss Lunations