dancing with the universes

photo 12Philosopher’s Stone deck by De Es

Question/intent: working the hidden energies behind the Mercury, Sun conjunct Venus Rx aspect; greatest insight for highest good.

Abundance: focus on the materials at hand, make a checklist of things to do in order of importance

Venus Rx conjunct Mercury, later Sun in Capricorn.
Capricorn is the sign of work, career, status, climbing to success.
Venus Rx revises past work mistakes, picks and chooses best ways to streamline work efficiency.
With Mercury, expect perceptual shifts re: love, relationships, money, peace of mind.
Anything and everything valued is being sorted, categorized, streamlined.
Working hard is good, working smart is better.

Spirit card: Task indicates slow, steady growth, but is a lower number – at this time we pause to reflect, reconsider how we have accomplished goals, redirect course & energies if need be.

photo 13

Wildwood Tarot

Pole Star
Universe as felt on Earth micro/macro – higher powers, hope for the future, fate and destiny at play.  Let love rule.

Pisces Neptune trines North Node in Scorpio – healing, mystics, myth, magic, prophecy, the fated – are all at play (water to water aka; emotions) stirring deep pools of the subconscious.

Cards pulled in my post last eve indicated healing the inner child – in fact, Neptune trine North Node of Destiny (and today’s cards) signal we are healing far more, far deeper past life issues.
The Pole Star delivers hope, the dawn of a new era, higher consciousness and vision into distant planes, dimensions.

Neptune and North Node will lead us to our destiny.
Just go with the universal  f  l  o  w .  .  .


2 thoughts on “dancing with the universes

  1. Hey Gneiss, that’s such a good visual representation of “challenging!” energies at the mo.
    Those stern rocks remind me of Sisyphus which is how I often feel about the tasks I have taken on around here. Capricorn energies try to discipline easily distracted mutables.
    I love the Pole Star card. Seeing Wildwood card, I had to write and let you know of Michael Road’s latest book i have borrowed from the library. It’s called “Through the eyes of Love…..journeying with Pan” It’s fab! He has been closely communicating with Pan for many years now and has written several wonderful books incl. “Journey Into Oneness”
    He lives on the Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia and is the father of Duncan Roads, the editor of Nexus Magazine, who is a lovely gentle man too.
    Queensland and Australian politics, I could see it all coming once a few reptiles were elected, and I ignore it now.
    Funny your post on dune series. when I went away over christmas, I borrowed the Dune DVDs to watch! I didn’t get a chance though. Will catch up with them 1 day.
    The other info I’ve been rewarding myself with daily is watching Andrew Bartzis, Galactic Historian!! on youtube. Love it! Warning to the fearful, this guy is not “a bit out there”, he’s a freakin’ Time Lord!
    That last bit you talk about The pole Star, hope, the dawn of a New Era, distant planes and dimensions,…it’s what he is saying. He says we are to “claim our sovereignty” which I love.
    I hope you are all managing to stay cosy in the big freeze up North, while we are sweltering in temps up to 40* around here. We’ve had some rain and cooler temps last 2 days.

  2. Michael Roads…hmmm…just skimmed a fascinating excerpt from ‘Oneness’, reads a bit like Lynn Andrews, and I have read them all (at least all my library has) thanks for the tip, I’ll scout around in my library system, see if they turn up !
    Sci-fi channel Dune series I highly rec – the first movie also has its merits, (although some weird distracting casting) but in the end, Dune is incredibly dense – forced into 2 hours it loses far too much. I hope you enjoy the series too…have you read the books ? One of my Sag boyfriends turned me on to them at uni. Buried in study, I was reluctant to read Dune (seriously, a glossary ? I have to study ! ) until he began to spin the yarn…I was intrigued, then later hooked. At one point I would read them all once a year like Christopher Lee does Tolkien. (Read that in an interview once, it tickled me.)
    I will also check out Andrew Bartzis this eve – I have wifi again ! ! hooked up to the universe & lectures again – hooray !
    I dig snow, flakes of uniqueness everywhere, an insulated sound blanket…heaven for this Toro Moon, peaceful and crisp ! Love the ionsplash of fresh rain too – stay cool, my friend…

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