brakes & breaks

photo 14Mary-El Tarot

Flashpoint insights for all
Left card leading up to Full Moon in Cancer – full moon interp here
Right card – energies culminating
Spirit card aka crux of sitch below

1 She’s horned -balance sought between Aries Uranus and heavy Capricorn energy. Capricorn Venus Rx 22 nearly on Sun 19, Pluto 11 – Mercury ready to blaze out into Aquarius in 4 days.
Thoughts are heavy, balance is key.
Saturn rules brakes; Venus, balance.

Disks represented [that ironically keep the eyes closed after death] are the Sun looking out and Moon looking in.  Capricorn/Saturn is the veil of flesh that contains us separated from others, individuals unto ourselves.  Coin Athena (Sun) is wise, looking out; Coin Moon, Janus (god of doorways) looks into the great subconscious pit, the cave within.  Odin is also represented – the shaman, the oracle bringer hanging upside down from the world tree to obtain enlightenment – seeing both worlds, he gained insight, created Runes, lost an eye.

Balance of payment – very 2 pents as we grow towards full moon.
Check what house Cancer lands in for you – insights forthcoming !

Also consider a breakdown is likely before a breakthrough, via Saturn/Pluto/Uranus.
Trust the process – this is not a singular event, rather a series of growth events.
Capricorn gives us pause, we brake, slow to work “it” out.

Just keep swimming, climbing…

2 Ravens, Huginn and Muninn were the eyes of Odin – they would fly into the world and return with news – their names mean thought, memory.  Memory is Moon, Full Cancer Moon especially so, the house of the womb and the tomb.  Family tree with roots that go deep into the earth, the past – branches that climb high into the future sky.
aka: Capricorn Cancer axis.  Sword queen is deftly communicating, thinking in all realms – (over thinking, perhaps) –  she is the tough loner with a curious mind, brilliant wit & sharp tongue to match.

This lunation is a thinking, feeling, value shifting culling moon.

Full Moon will see Cancer Moon opposite Capricorn Sun – what have/are we accomplishing in our part of history ?  What is our puzzle piece and where do we fit in ? We are thinking it over – feeling it over as well – our slow return to balance.

Full moon reveals.

photo 15
Spirit card
Thoughts and feelings we project into the world are our sailing ships…being calm, supportive of ourselves and others will bring the highest return for all of us.
A message of love from someone who has your back.