whatever suits the sitch

shia-labeouf-transformers_1307732135The work of Shia LaBeouf is really not on my radar…that is until recently. 

It is all over the internet he is plagiarizing material right and left – interviews peppered with bizarre performance art/social commentary glee.  Here’s the gist: LaBeouf has been served a cease and desist from comic creator Daniel Clowes whose material was allegedly lifted “word for word” for a short film Shia claims to have written himself.

Today’s update here, links galore – knock yourself out. 
Now the astro, click on his name above for the astro deets.

Fourth house Gemini Sun, Leo Moon in six, Aquarius rising on 29th (last) degree.  Uranus Rx (ruler) in Sagittarius 10 opposite Sun exact – both square Jupiter in Pisces 1, making it focal planet of the T-square, one degree off exact.  Uranus in 10th signals a need for variety, changeable career, often large-scale career genius – but, poorly aspected to the planet ruling the house it sits in, can indicate a fall from grace.  

Mercury rules plagiarism; Mars, Neptune rule theft. 

Note: Oppositions expressed hi qi are co-operation; low qi are projection. 

Fifth house (creative house, Sun rules which is in poor aspect) Cancer Mercury opposite Neptune.  Cancer Venus conjunct (out of sign) Leo Moon both opposite Mars Rx in Capricorn.  Venus and Neptune are the lower and higher octaves of artistic expression, respectively. 

Transits, here is the interesting bit: natal Mars Rx in Capricorn parked at 23 degrees, and you guessed it – Sun Capricorn 20 conjunct Venus retrograde 21.  BAM.
Not to mention transit Pluto (struggle) in Capricorn is opposite natal Mercury within a degree; North Node of Destiny bang on natal Pluto in 8.

Venus Rx in Cap: Re-thinking the work, or perhaps the lack thereof. 
Whatever suits the sitch. 
We are all doing the same Venus transit, he is just doing it in spades.

Also of note is the incoming Full Moon at 25 degrees Cancer.  It first shines on his Cancer Mercury, then grows full on his natal Venus in the creative 5th house at 24 degrees opposite natal Mars. 
If you didn’t read the link above, I’ll save you some time.  He is reportedly retiring from public life. That would be Capricorn/Cancer axis indeed.