Mercury in Cancer uses an emotional approach to thinking, how thoughts feel is equally as important as cool reason and logic.  This Mercury is intuitive, sensitive, an expert at detecting subliminal emotional undertones in seemingly benign conversation.  They know what you are NOT saying.

Mercury in Cancer has an uncanny talent for influencing people, their power to sway the public is due to the lunar influence.  Conversely, this is a Mercury easily swayed by emotional sympathies.

Refer to natal moon phase; obviously note moon phase by transit to work this natural instinctive ability in your favor.

Mercury in Cancer has feelers out 24/7 testing concepts and ideas brought forth via emotional intelligence, they learn by watching, feeling the situation.
Cancer is a sign that cares and nurtures – thoughts are no different.  If ideas set off good emo radar, they are more likely to stick; irritating ideas are quickly jettisoned for the same reason.

Logic tends to takes a backseat unless this tendency to emotional investment is recognized – especially re: matters close to home.


PoP goes the weasel

CrestationsMay 29 Mercury into Cancer
Chicago 4:12am
Brisbane 7:12pm
Reykjavik 9:12am
June 7 Mercury Rx 3 degrees Cancer
Chicago 6:56am
Brisbane 9:56am
Reykjavik 11:56am
June 17 Mercury Rx into Gemini
Chicago 5:04am
Brisbane 8:04pm
Reykjavik 10:04am
July 1 Mercury direct 24 degrees Gemini
Chicago 7:50am
Brisbane 10:50pm
Reykjavik 12:50pm

Mercury Retrograde is a time of re-thinking, re-envisioning, reorienting – ultimately it is a time of self-reflection and discovering how we can revise methods in order to be streamlined, more successful.
Much more AWARE.

Mercury slowing in the house of Cancer highlights communications at home, between family members, those women who are close to us, also feelings surrounding our Earth.
We sharpen our intuitions and navel gaze into the past – predominately by feeling what is wrong and needs to be changed.
Cancer and Moon rule the stomach, gut instincts will guide you as Mercurial thoughts probe in this house.

Mercury retrograde in Gemini is a rethinking of THINKING ITSELF.  
Thought processes, habits re: the cyclical nature of them – or perhaps revision of the scattered non-focused thoughts.  Reflection and re-invention of talking, listening, versatility in groups, thoughts before speech, how you communicate and learn.

The gold lies in changing the neural pathways you want to be more positively directed.

Consider where Cancer sets up house in your natal chart.
In mine, Cancer is 7th, so I will also be doing Venusian revision as that is the natural house of Libra.
Apply this also to your house of Gemini, and the natural landlord of that house.
Gemini is my sixth, so all things Virgo will be under the microscope as well.

General Mercury Retrograde info:
Keep in mind, big ticket (home, car, computer, appliance) purchases are a not advised – if you must, also buy the warranty.  Contracts can be mis-read or misunderstood, so reading and re-reading the fine print is highly recommended before signing off.
Think twice, speak once.
Mercury Retrograde tends to bring out the truth in all of us – it’s the PoP goes the weasel transit.
It is also the transit for finding lost items – while in Cancer, particularly in the home !

Happy retrogradations
ps. I knew the pic may make a few squeamish – is a Gemini move, teaching.

Ride it out

Continental Club, Austin Texas – photo: Bob Siebecker

Mercury Rx June 26 at 23 Cancer
Mercury direct July 20 at 13 Cancer
post shadow – > Aug 3

Mercury into Leo August 8

My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.
John Green

She stirs.
Plenty going bonkers in my world as Mercury is a week into the shadowzone (where it traces its own Rx path) lots of family stuff which is indicative of Cancer.  Sun and Jupiter square Virgo stellium from my 6th, so I had to check out to try to get caught up.  Not there yet, so I may check out a bit yet, FYI.

Cancer is Moon ruled, so anything from the well of psyche – the womb and the tomb – aka 4th house is getting the intense navel gaze. Mercury Rx indicates communication turned inward – thought processing, revision, reinvention, reworking, wires can get  crossed and/or messages delayed.  Not traditionally the time to sign big contracts (triple check documents if you have to sign) to start major new projects or run off at the mouth honking a brain full of know-it-all ideas, if you get my drift.

Cardinals: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorns are at Rx getting lots of energies in flux as Jupiter enters Cancer on the 25th, to join Sun and Venus (Venus in the latter degrees, at 28), Mercury Rx on the 26th.

Degrees between 23-13 of Aries and Libra will be running the obstacle course, feeling the strain.  Degrees 23-13 of water signs feel more harmonious. These degrees of Taurus and Virgo have opportunities on the horizon – take advantage of them.  Capricorn and Cancer energies face off, peace talks and compromise.

Mercury Rx opposing (not exact, by sign) Pluto Rx in Capricorn will be intense retrospective of past, men, work, career, status as it relates to women, home, privacy, depth of feeling and instincts.

Mercury Rx in Moon ruled Cancer is an excellent time to brush up on Lunar Nodes.

In addition, retrograde energies of Saturn, Chiron, and Neptune add more layers of mining for insights in the caves and underbellies of the houses they transit.
Ride it out.

Find your house of Cancer to find where your thoughts will be turning inward.