First female of film

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Alice Guy-Blaché

Alice was the first female film director, who completed her first work at the age of 23.  An amazing storyteller, she made the first narrative film – she saw the possibility of fun and creative play on film.  Alice was busy making hundreds of films when women weren’t even allowed to vote.  She synched sound with her films and also made the first known film with an all African-American cast.
Alice had a career in filmmaking spanning more than twenty-five years – she was a pioneer – directing, producing, writing and/or overseeing more than 1,000 films.
I love film, have a big Neptune (rules film), I had to look her up !

Sun in Cancer (storytellers spinning yarns around the tribal campfire anyone ?) trine Mars in Scorpio (confident drive to express power).   [Note: This is obviously a solar chart, no exact time deets.  I give big orbs to the luminaries, there is a 4 – 5 hour window where Moon would not trine Saturn even with my orbs, but since the odds are moon is in the other 20+ hours, I am going for grand earth trine.  – GMA]

She liked to work – she [likely] had a Grand Earth Trine (material plane) with Moon in Virgo (practical feelings) trine Saturn in Aquarius (forward thinking work vision)  The last piece of this trine is her whammy Pluto North Node of Destiny (future path) and Venus (arts, beauty) conjunction in Taurus, (which is Venus-ruled) giving her a powerful drive to create new crafts and forge new paths in the field of the arts.

Friction is needed in order for a soul to progress, for it is the hard knocks that teach us the most.  Alice has an (out-of-sign) Grand Cross which is two oppositions and four squares – looks like a big square with an X inside.  These energies force inner work and outer compromise (oppositions) with others – if solved they are more powerful than trines.

Remember I said creative innovative play… that is Mercury conjunct Uranus in Leo.  Octaves of communication in the house of creativity in opposition to Saturn (authority) in rebellious Aquarius.  Likely the men in her field saw her as likeable (Saturn trine Venus; Cancer Sun trine Mars) but odd, a no nonsense type of gal when it came to her work.  Whip smart and determined, she had a vision of great creative achievement (late degree Aries Neptune film in exact trine late degree Leo Jupiter largess – fire to fire – passionate, inspired) and she spent her life in pursuit of it !
Well Done, Alice !

ORIGINAL: By Pamela Green and Jarik van Sluijs. And seriously, donating to their Kickstarter by August 27, 2013 will help this important film be made. And share this for Alice!