Light it UP, spin it out

rad reads 012

Soulcards and Mary-El Tarot

Virgo Sun/Mercury opposite Neptune Rx in Pisces
Libra Venus square Jupiter in Cancer

Fill yourself up with creativity today, nourish and feed your soul.  Virgo seeks to improve through perfection – opposite Neptune the inner eyeball is cast towards spiritual debt and payment.

Moon in Taurus, Venus in Libra, with Jupiter exalted in Cancer focus is on feelings, love, balance of debt.  Spiritual debt, and yes, monetary debt also – wherever trade and justice are shifting the balance on the scales in your life so you may find peace.

Mars in final degree of Cancer (is void, aka: think 2x before you act) can be ultra-sensitive, touchy…go easy on yourself and others.  Actively heal the inner you – see little sunshine person card ?
Cancer Mars is square Saturn (out-of-sign).  Note when he hits Leo tomorrow all the brain/heart work done today will be hot as a firecracker to motivate & create on the material plane.  Fire on fire, at last !

Virgo is fab for sorting and shifting, please do so creatively with compassion.  Venus square Jupiter is an aspect of highlighting inner conflicts where too much or too little has or will been done re: family, feelings, both in love and all relationships. No need to obsess on the mind wheel incessantly.

Recognize, change it and move on. 

Love the cards today !  Intent for highest good, insight. 
Music obviously is Neptune, light it UP, spin it out.
Love the little sunshine person in tandem with the card of spontaneity and joy, the Fool.

Note: Zero is Plutonic – tap the healing between creative work and deep mining of the soul of both (North Node of Destiny conjunct) Saturn and Pluto Rx in mutual reception. 

Find and fulfill your destiny.
Zeus, Clash of the Titans