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How great is this mashUP for Mars into Leo ?!
Tuesday 27
Mars into Leo
9:05pm CST, USA

Dom tweet, via original source ?
Dunno…but I love it, hit me up if it’s yours, I will happily link and credit !

I have already gone on about how bumbles are the Marsy tanker trucks – the Uranian aerodynamic buzz of the zodiac here.

Love LOVE LOVE the Mars into Leo vibe. 

Incoming ~> Friendly flirty completion, the game really IS a game with Marsy Leos, team players that love to have fun, they are fantabulous on and off the field, plenty of room for all winners via camaraderie and goodWILL of the heart. Sun shines on everyone near these peeps, Marsy Leos live and love happiness and the spreading of it, will actively seek, tease and coax the happiness of Sun rays out of you.

Mars in Leo is outgoing and proud, yet fixed, reluctant to kneel to any WILL but their own.  Stroke them as they are due (and needing of it) – Leos are quite generous, their strong hearts lead the way in all they do.  They need attention, with Mars in house, keep UP and give it on the fly !

Leonine creativity is the MAINLINE to the VEIN of the HEART.
Mars in house LEO sparks the fire of SPIRIT into ACTION.

They are driven by fire to succeed and they want you to succeed as well; they will have your back if you have theirs and are as generous and kind to them as they are to you.  Mars in Leo will protect and defend you and yours to the death if they consider you to be in their PRIDE.
Note: Warning. 
Do not get on bad side.
Tooth and claw will ensue.

Mars in Leo
and what

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