Beloved Star

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I drew this card as a culmination, a crux, a meeting place between the upcoming eclipses.  Earth (animal, vegetable, mineral, spirit) is the meeting place of these perspectives, of these solar/conscious and lunar/subconscious influences.
We are ONE Tribe: Earthkind.

Full Lunar 15 degrees Aries October 8
New Moon Solar 0 degree Scorpio October 23 (USA)
(More on these later, a million + 1 things on my plate at the mo.)

Crux of the sitch is The Star.

How I love this !
Why ?
I looked up the star-kindler, Varda, asteroid 174567.

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s mythology, Varda is the queen of the stars, the star-kindler. She is the deity who, prior to the birth of the first humans, created the stars and constellations. She also set the vessels of the Sun and Moon upon their appointed courses above the girdle of the Earth.
Ilmarë is Varda’s handmaid. source

Star is the result following earthly knowledge, the life-long building of a relationship with the material world, the Malkuth. The Star is the blessed enlightenment that follows destruction, aka The Blasted Tower.

Varda is conjunct Mars at Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse; 14 degrees Sagittarius.
Mars and Uranus are Lords of this eclipse.

*Varda was discovered (2003) retrograde at 2 degrees Sagittarius square a tight Mars/Uranus Rx conjunction in Pisces: Uranus exact at 2; Mars applying square at 1 degree Pisces. (Lords of incoming Aries Eclipse) Mercury and Venus were smack on 14 degrees of Gemini in exact opposition to the Great Attractor. (see comments)
Sun was at 29 Gemini, Nodes of Destiny on axis of Taurus(NN)/Scorpio at 29 also known as culmination degrees.  Now that IS interesting/synchronous.

We SEE, we KNOW.
We take ACTION.

Ego consciousness, illusion and delusion – in essence – perspectives SHIFT.  In the darkest aftermath of the Tower, a star of hope. a point of illumination beckons.

It is HOME.
It is the ONE.

amin mela lle
You know who you are.
Gneiss Moon

15 thoughts on “Beloved Star

    • Indeed I do.
      Likely the root of my crystal evergreen dream from a few days ago.

      The Mary-El gets the highest recommendation from me.
      Both art & book are exquisite, inspiring unique conduits to understanding.

      For instance, I wrote crux.
      See her hands/feet/head/egg-shaped stigmata ?
      Hands are highly energetic points of healing, I also note the six pointed star. The seed of life & love – six is ruled by Venus.
      Thank you, Symbol Reader

  1. 14* Sagittarius = The Great Attractor, an area of massive force which draws all around it into it even bending light. I like the way you show the Star coming after the levelling of the Tower. The Mary-El card is fab. Lunar eclipse is opposite the Uranian planet Zeus which is conjunct the Sun.

    • Fascinating.
      The Great Attractor:
      “It doesn’t appear to be punching a hole into another dimension, but rather, it allows us to see around things.” In other words, its massive gravitational force bends spacetime so profoundly that we can get a view around the back of the universe. source

      Great Attractor has a polarizing effect. “The perception is that people [points conjunct] on the Great Attractor have unusual appeal or potency. They find themselves in vast circles, accidentally. Or they have impacted masses of people and think they have created no influence in their lives whatsoever,” via Philip Sedgwick

      Lightkindler conjunct has lovely implications, yes ?

      Interesting also the Zeus connection after reading Symbolreader’s post on Juno, which coincides with this New Moon for me.
      Realationships (ironic typo – leaving it) are on the table for these eclipses !
      Thank you herongrace

    • Thank you, is one of my fave decks.
      Looked up GA degree – I have Asteroid Delphine 3218 at 14 Sagittarius.
      Hmmm. interesting.
      I wrote of that asteroid: divine guidance that brings harmonious outcomes, unusually creative, mysterious divinations, transformative service to the masses.
      Will keep an eye out for 14 Sag from now on . . .

      • seems like an important one. I have venus at 19 Sag. Where do you find all these asteroids? I have an asteroid book somewhere by Jacob Schwartz, but surely they continue to be identified and named.

      • Links are embedded in many of most of my posts, and also in the comments here – they can be found by the differing color, usually light brown and appear underlined w/cursor scroll.
        “source” in text leads to Transneptunian Astrology page, ck it out…

      • I did check it out and was overwhelmed. So I went over to trusty astrodienst to see how Apollo and Delphine fare in my natal. Based on your psychic post, they speak to me. Apollo did not really gel, but Delphine almost exactly squares my moon, cool!

    • Cool.
      I see Einstein had Moon at 14 Sag 6th quintile Jupiter in Aquarius 9th. Amazingly inventive idea man who relied heavily on his subconscious. A genius who overcame dyslexia. Genius by Design has a great article about Einstein’s techniques. Enhanced brain neuron interconnectivity via pattern recognition, very Mercury 6th house + Moon is instinctual.

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