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Sophia Loren & Sphinx

Virgo Sophia Villani Scicolone is a Capricorn rising, with Saturn tightly conjunct Moon in Aquarius.  She is such a lovely woman -what eyes !- with incredible staying power in the public eye.  She has appeared in nearly 100 films over the years, and is the winner of several awards (Jupiter at MC) including an Academy Award, a Grammy, 5 Golden Globes, as well as the Cecil B. DeMille for lifetime achievements.   She is also author of several cookbooks (Mercury in 9) and her autobiography, Sophia: Living and Loving.

Sophia began working in films at age 14 after (incredibly ! ?!) losing a beauty contest.  Contests are ruled by Mars and 7th, Sophia has Moon (rules her 7th) not only conjunct Saturn (block, restriction), but also opposite Mars – but that same Moon trines Jupiter and Mercury in Libra, elevated – she obviously came out the winner in the long run.

Sophia-Loren-sophia-loren-14908679-437-640Sophia met (at age 15), and later married (at age 23) a man 21 years her senior, Carlo Ponti.  Unfortunately, charges of “bigamy and public sinning” were leveled against them, because the catholic church didn’t recognize his divorce from his first wife.  Venus rules marriage, Sophia has Virgo Venus (fall) tightly conjunct Neptune (illusion, secrets). Moon rules her 7th, is tightly conjunct Saturn (a much older man).

In her autobiography, Sophia speaks of two miscarriages and two difficult pregnancies that produced two sons.  Moon rules pregnancy and Sophia not only has moon conjunct Saturn which indicates difficulty, but she also has Pluto in Moon-ruled Cancer in exact square to Jupiter.  These trials were a test of faith (Jupiter 9) for her, producing not only personal psychological regeneration, but also regeneration of partnerships. I am going to count the out of sign T-Square with Pluto focal for these reasons.

Sophia LorenCancer Pluto as focal planet in a T-Square with late Libra Jupiter opposite early Taurus Uranus is an aspect of unusual beauty, unusual love choices, powerful emotional struggles (see above) as well as feminine power in the public eye. Sophia was known for being very conscious of her roots (shown by strong Capricorn/Cancer) as well as being fond of family and the whole cooking, gathering, breaking bread ritual that entails.

Also please note that folks with strong Capricorn energy have fabulous bone structure, and tend to age gracefully, being timeless and enduring.  Sophia has the requisite Leo placement for drama and fabulous hair, via her Leo Mars.  Lilith lives in her 8th as well, (conjunct South Node) giving much chutzpah and regenerative willpower.  Always seen as a beauty, this woman also has a boatload of ancient wisdom and guts to go with all that glory – on tap 24/7.

Sophia_LorenAt last, we get to the cat asteroids
Sophia has trademark cat-like eyes, so I was not surprised to see these asteroids prominent in her natal chart.

Sphinx conjunct Neptune (2 degrees)
Sekhmet conjunct Mars (one)
Ubasti conjunct North Node (one)

…and we cannot forget her Mars is in Leo !
Rawr !

Gneiss Moon

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    • Thanks Linda, Sphinx pic inspired me.
      You mean women, or film stars or something else ?
      I was watching this knew Pisces Full Moon called for a big female film presence here on GMA. Glad you enjoyed it. x

      • all of the above 🙂 I enjoy your unique take on famous folks. Thanks for the link too, women in movies is up my alley.

        You are welcome.

      • I can pretty much assure you there will be more like these, I love movies too. I can’t assure you I will be very current, I’m a library girl, so a bit behind. (Sci-fi not included)
        Just watched Contagion last night – appropriately Virgo/Pisces houses of full moon germ-y horror.

      • i watched The Brittany Murphy story on lifetime because I loved her. What a piece of trash. Wish it was done right. Do you know her? Amazing Scorpio actress who died at age 32 mysteriously. Current doesn’t matter to me, quality does.

        I do like selected sci-fi. Star Wars, Zardoz, Gattaca,

    • Little Black Book ! Love it, Ramen Girl too.
      I can’t believe you like Zardoz – weirdest movie evah.
      Hilarious. That got a laugh.
      I mean no offense, just got an immediate visual of the giant floating heads.
      I just didn’t get that movie.
      Thanks for the compliment also.
      I require much patience, I know I make mistakes when writing over lunches as there are many distractions. I correct asap, but I know they are there. Ah well, I do get it right sometimes.

    • Yes, saw Girl once and Clueless I also liked. Brittany had a great husky voice with a little catch in it when she got excited.
      If I couldn’t die I could read a LOT of books, watch a LOT of movies. It has a certain appeal, I love to learn.
      Maybe I’ll try Zardoz again, maaaybe. haa

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