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The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off. – various

Pallas Athena (Roman, Minerva) conjunct Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse/Venus is incredibly liberating.  Scorpio New Moon resonates with the deep voice of individual truth burning from the life-force within.  Eclipse interp here.

Athena, the Amazon warrior goddess was born from the head of Zeus fully armed, locked and loaded, ready to fight.  She is the daughter of Metis (wisdom, thought)  who was foretold to have great power.
Power enough to defy Zeus himself.

Pallas was discovered while on the 29th culmination degree of Mercury-ruled Virgo conjunct (out of sign) Uranus in Libra.  Leo Jupiter was conjunct Saturn (out of sign) indicating not only a truth seeker, but also a wise leader.

Sun (exalted) was conjunct Venus in Aries, opposite Uranus – Pallas Athena is an independent radical, a noble defender of truth and justice.  She is a point of brilliant strategy and creative logic.  She is fierce, resourceful, perceptive, intuitive.

When conjunct Moon, she resolves emotional conflict with females/mother/public.
When conjunct Sun, she resolves disputes that arise due to ego, willpower, honor.
When conjunct Venus, she resolves disputes over money/love/harmony/equality.

It is of note that in Scorpio, Moon is in its fall; Venus in its detriment.
While Athena is one of only three goddesses who can resist the love charms and spells of Aphrodite.
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