Forging Tree

delvikingErik Delvigne

A twitter convo early am with fellow astrologer Sagittarian Mind led me to this read.

Our planets / placements are like family – how do they get along ?” is a fair question.
I contemplated much the same in my last ‘popularity’ post.  So I decided to let the cosmos speak through divination.

Specifically, I consulted The Goddess, as both Neptune/Pisces and Moon/Cancer are watery, emotional, receptive, Yin energies.  They trine each other at New Moon.
Draw from Dark Goddess Tarot.

What does Neptune Rx have to say to incoming Cancer New Moon (conjunct Sun) ?

photo 4Dhumavati is the Hindu smoke goddess, who when hungry, ate her husband, the god Shiva and became an outcast widow.  She is assertive, determined and associated with ugliness that goes hand and hand with reality, the material world – need, hunger, thirst. She represents all that is inauspicious – she is Shakti without Shiva – in a directionless cart rather than a galloping chariot.   She transforms where she stands.

She is worshipped by widows and bachelors, by those who renounce the material world, also by sorcerers and witches.  Crows, symbols of magick are her companions. The Hag of Air delivers endings, separation and death.  In this case, illusory thinking is clearing.  Her tool is the winnowing basket – she separates (ala Virgo; Mercury Rx in Gemini) what is needed or nourishing, what is true or false.
Rethink your patterns of THINKING.

She has the power to see through smoke to the inner essence; to take the unlucky and sanctify it – turn it into a blessing.  Set yourself free through acceptance of what is weird or strange.  Set a fire to burn past trauma, as it rises into smoke, inhale the lessons, exhale the grief.

Dhumavati is in truth a wisdom goddess who becomes a divine teacher, revealing the secrets to obtaining ultimate knowledge beyond all illusion – blessings in the lessons.


photo 3
New Moon and Sun reply to Neptune with the Irish Goddess of Craft, Art and Healing – Brigid.

Asteroid 450 Brigitta will be found at 10 Aries applying square to Pluto Rx in Capricorn at time of New Moon in Cancer. 
Asteroid Quercus 8643 (Oak, see link below) will be found forming a Grand Water Trine at 17 Cancer trine Saturn Rx in Scorpio and trine Chiron Rx in Pisces.  

Brigid is the goddess of fire and forge – her vessel is the cauldron, her flame burns in Kildare, a sacred tree of the druids, an Oak Tree.  She is a goddess of water, healing, midwifery, keeper of sacred wells.   Brigid is a triple goddess – union between opposites – growth, and the power of three.

She is the goddess of poetry, inspiring oral traditions, songs and tales.  Brigid, patron saint of Students, was born in tumultuous times when Christianity was gaining a foothold in Ireland – she helped to marry the Celtic and Christian worlds, she developed a scriptorium to distribute books, particularly The Book of Kildare, said to rival the Book of Kells.  (The weaving of worlds is apparent in the artwork.)

New Moon/Sun in accordance with Brigid indicates a need for skill and attention, expression rather than suppression.  Speak your mind, forge your purpose. 
Personal pain fueling tangible material results.

Capture the elemental worlds of fire and water and work them in your favor.
Fire purifies, water restores.
Pyromancy, sage smudge, salt baths and cleansings, candle magicks are favored, esp to clear the energy in your home and the deep well of your psyche. 



photo 63Dark Goddess Tarot

Contemplating the Yin/Yin of Pluto in Capricorn as focal point, I drew a card to hone in on the energies.
Norse warrior goddess Freya popped up, which is ironic since I was just chatting cats with the creator of the Dothraki language.  Uranus BOLTs at work !

As an aside – look to Saturn and its aspects in your natal to see what Uranus and its aspects are Breaking You Free Of – very enlightening !

Ok, on to Freya, Norse goddess of the Vanir (nature deities). 
You can read previous posts re: Freya here and here.

Fascinating draw as fixed Uranus tries to control nature – this square to Pluto in Capricorn is delivering education re: USE/misuse/abuse of GMO’s, pollinators/bees, nuclear waste, poisons, etc… in spades with these Uranus Pluto squares.

Freya is asteroid 76, she can currently be found at 11 degrees Cancer – the sign of the Great Mother.  WoW.  Very cool.

She opposes 12 degree Pluto Rx in Capricorn, signaling a juggling of energies – between metamorphic renovation of old school ideology on Earth (Capricorn) and shared passion for protecting beauty and harmony via fair and loving partnership.

Freya squares Mars Libra – actions being taken in honor of partnerships, contracts and bonds leading to responsible active stewardship of our Mother, Gaia.

Freya squares Uranus at 16 Aries (which opposes Mars) – demanding intelligent methods of moving forward that also nurture that which is precious – LIFE.

Love is POWER made beautiful.

Freya appears on The Lovers card, signaling choice.
She choose the fallen ones who would be received in Valhalla at the table of Odin.

Choose LOVE
Choose PEACE



Know Thyself

John Collier-priestess_of_DelphiJohn Collier – Priestess of Delphi

Myth has it that to find the center of the world, Zeus sent out two eagles at opposite ends of the Earth – they collided at Delpi, leading Zeus to declare Delphi the omphalos or navel of the world.  Delphi’s initial fame later spread well beyond Greece as the site received Mediterranean-wide recognition as the premier divine oracle.

On Mount Parnassus in Greece, an oracle was recorded as present from as early as 1400 B.C., though the Delphic Oracle associated with Apollo reached the height of fame near 1600 A.D.  The sanctuary at Delphi was constructed in the 8th century BC, and the final prophecy given around AD 393, after Roman Emperor Theodosius ordered the closure of all pagan sanctuaries.

According to Diodorus Siculus the first oracle appeared to a shepherd of the region who stumbled upon a chasm or fissure in the rock.  The shepherd and his goats began to feel and act strangely.  The shepherd fell into divine trance and began to foretell events.  Word of the site spread, leading others to flock to divination mountain.

Greece is ruled by Capricorn and Virgo.
Mountains are Capricorn; fissures are Uranus/Pluto; gasses, divination are Neptune.

Ancient authors claim that bird-watching and entrail-reading, two of the most popular forms of divination, actually began at Delphi. Fortelling by the casting of lots (stones, bones, dice) and the interpretation of flames – a form of divination called Pyromancy  were also common at Delphi.

Delphic Oracle Kylix by rhe Kodros painter 440 to 430 BCEDelphic Oracle Kylix by rhe Kodros painter 440 to 430 BCE

According to the Homeric Hymn to Apollo the site was eventually conquered by Apollo.
In Greek mythology, Apollo (Apollon) is the god of divine light who drove the sun across the sky in a chariot.  Apollo is also god of prophecy and oracles, song and poetry, music, healing, archery, and the protection of the young.  He is usually pictured with a wreath and branch of laurel; bow and quiver; raven; and lyre.

Apollo slayed the holy serpent / dragon named Python (the rotting one) given to Delphi by the Earth Goddess,
 Gaia.  Python was Gaia’s ransacking son who stood guard while the sibyl gave prophecies.  After Apollo cleared the countryside of Pythons widespread destruction, he served an eight year penance as a cowherd, only to return with his priests from Crete – his cult was called Delphinios aka dolphin or porpoise – hence, Delphi was born.
Note: To commemorate the triumph of Apollo over Python, Delphi organized the Pythian Games – athletic events (precursor to the Olympics) which were held every four years.

Apollo_Killing_the_Python Hendrik GoltziusHendrik Goltzius

Curiously, Delphi may also derive from the greek words delph hollow, or perhaps delphis, womb – ironic in that Delphi was the only Apollon temple where females were allowed to give the gifts of the god via oracle. The Pythia was originally a young virgin, but later a wise crone – if the female was married, she had to relinquish family for temple work. 
Upon Apollo’s arrival, the matriarchal decrees of the priestesses of Gaia, were tempered by the presence of his chosen priests.  Apollo killed the serpent (some think the snake represents matriarchal power), keeps the oracle, and the Oracle is then known as a Pythia in honor of killing the serpent who guarded the sacred Castilian springs

The Pythia would fast, cleanse in the sacred spring, enter a chamber in the lower temple, adyton (inaccessible room), where she would inhale the pneuma, or sweet smelling vapors.  Historical accounts claim the Pythia was trance-induced (channeling) by vapors from a chasm below the temple or from chewing laurel (bay) leaves, which she is often depicted as holding.   Worthy of note: in greek, pneuma is synonymous with divine breath, or spirit of the gods.

LaurelBayLaurel aka Bay leaves:
Masculine, Sun, Fire – diaphoretic, emetic, narcotic, stomachic

Do not consume the leaf.  Lore tells that chewing bay leaves and breathing the steam rising off a simmering pot of laurel aids in all forms of divination.  Bay can often be found in incense and dream pillows.  Bay is an excellent purifier, a guardian against sickness, when planted near the home it wards off negative energies.  Use bay leaves in cooking to enhance psychic abilities, speed healing, clear psychic sludge, promote relaxation and a sense of well-being.

Öèôðîâàÿ ðåïðîäóêöèÿ íàõîäèòñÿ â èíòåðíåò-ìóçåå gallerix.ruCamillo Miola (click to enlarge) The (Delphic) Oracle

The Pythia, a virgin from the local village selected in ceremonies that established her as Apollo’s choice, sits atop the sacred tripod as the Delphic oracle. To the left is the omphalos, the most sacred object at Delphi, regarded as the center of the earth.  A plinth on the right bears an inscription describing Apollo’s conquest of Delphi with the Cretans, who became his first priests.

The prophetess went to the tripod on the sacred seventh day of each month, the day of Apollo’s birth, nine months of the year, to await the god’s inspiration; her inspired utterances were later interpreted by a priest. The ancient Greeks considered the Delphic oracle, both Apollo’s divine prophecy and the prophetess through whom it was spoken, the final authority on almost any matter, whether religious, political, or social.

temple-of-apollo-at-delphi-giovanni-ruggeroGiovanni Ruggero – Temple of Apollo at Delphi

Pilgrims and envoys to the Oracle formed a procession that climbed the Sacred Way to Apollo’s temple, where they would pass three temple inscriptions:

Nothing in Excess
Know Thyself
Go bail and ruin is at hand

The Pythia’s response from deep trance was rendered into classical hexameter verse, then passed along to the seeker.  The Delphic Oracle reached popularity on a grand scale, advising all: heads of state, philosophers and common people from across the Mediterranean and beyond.

Historical and mythological timelines of the Oracle here.
Catalogue of Delphic Responses here.

oracle matrixAsteroid Pythia 432 – This asteroid (discovered 12.18.1897) has a 5 planet Sagittarius stellium of late degrees Sun, Mars, Venus conjunct with early degrees Saturn conjunct Uranus opposing Pluto, Pythia and Neptune conjunct in Gemini all Rx.
Long distance communication, moral codes and higher philosophy is most definitely the name of the game with this asteroid.

I was curious, popped in the latter asteroids listed below though they had not yet been discovered or named – Apollon and Delphine dovetail neatly between Libra Moon and Jupiter all trine Pluto, Pythia and Neptune while in square to Capricorn Mercury.  Sedate, balanced proclamations, good common sense, feminine instinct, understanding coupled with truth-seeking travelers flocking to the tricky, Mercurial Mountainous earth sight.
Sagittarius Mars quintiles Libra Jupiter – Men and Women + Goddess and Gods working together to provide divine guidance.

Pythia obviously indicates where psychic power rises in your natal chart – in addition it indicates where on earth you channel your best, brightest intuitions with the help of Gaian energies.

Asteroid Apollo 1862 – This asteroid (discovered 4.24.1932) has an Aries stellium of Mercury, Mars and Uranus as well as a T-Square: Taurus Sun focal planet square Leo Jupiter opposite Aquarius Saturn.  Solid creative exuberance lead by an impulsive child-like curiosity.  Cancer Pluto squares all that Aries, while Jupiter trines it – explosive impulses lead the way to whammy emotional transformation – via women, the public, the masses; Jupiter has faith enough to try again.

Flirty Gemini Venus opposite Moon delivers any and all communications into compromise mode, especially re: money, women, relationships, the public.  The Temple of Apollo placed women at the forefront of the public, and of course, those seekers with a backing of wealth quickly were ushered to the head of the line.  Waving Plutonic power around does not always sit well with those who arrived first.

Sun is also placed in a grand trine with Neptune and Moon while opposite Scorpio Apollo – highlighting mysterious female lead divinations for the public (shared power), as well as dependable enlightened service over hundreds of years.

Asteroid Apollo indicates a place where reckless mistakes are made over and over with wild abandon – mistakes which lead to metamorphic emotional enlightenment.  It is a place of child-like curiosity, naiveté and unbridled enthusiasm for life, regardless of difficulties.

Asteroid Delphine 3218 – This asteroid (discovered 9.24.1960) features a 1 degree Libra Sun conjunct asteroid Apollon as focal points in an out-of-sign T-Square with late Sagittarius Jupiter opposite early Cancer Mars.
Power to the Women – Right On !  This indicates travelers incoming to both participate in public athletic events and receive divine guidance that brings harmonious outcomes.

Leo Uranus quintiles Scorpio Neptune – unusually creative, mysterious divinations from the gods.  Pythia lands at 0 degrees Virgo conjunct Pluto which trines Capricorn Saturn – she was in transformative service to the masses across centuries.

Late Aquarius Chiron forms an out-of-sign grand trine with Libra Venus and Mars in Cancer while it opposes Uranus and Pythia.  Women held a place of importance at this sight/site which has vast humanitarian implications – women in this sacred sanctuary changed the course of history, the Delphic Oracle spans the ages.  Oracles assist, they guide, they help shift perspectives like cosmic chiropractors. 
Think in terms of the fissure or chasm that collectively brings people together in hope, fellowship and enlightenment.

There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.  – Leonard Cohen

Think Neo – the oracle isn’t the only oracle – how about genius spoon boy in the waiting room ?!  While peeps waited on line for the oracle at Delphi, I guarantee you there were other oracles right alongside popping out gems right and left. 

Asteroid Delphine is where you desire to win, to beat your personal best, where your heroes journey, your spiritual quest draws you to like-minded truth-seekers in order to heal via fellowship. 

delphic ruins

Scientists have found that the vapors rising from the fault fissure were ethylene, a colorless, flammable gas having a sweet taste and odor which is a naturally occurring hormone in plants – inhibiting growth, promoting leaf fall and ripening fruit.

According to traditional explanations, the Pythia derived her prophecies in a small, enclosed chamber in the basement of the temple –  if the Pythia went to the chamber once a month, as tradition says, she could have been exposed to concentrations of the narcotic gas that were strong enough to induce a trance-like state.  Nat’l Geo

Oracles enhanced by narcotic gas – what a fantastic representation of Neptune !

I felt compelled to write of this prior to Scorpio Full Moon on my Neptuner, wanted it up at GMA then, only to finish today when whoa – ck it out…

Pythia is currently conjunct Sun at 28 Taurus; Capricorn Moon trines both
Apollon Rx is at 7 degrees Virgo exact opposite Neptune at 7 Pisces
Delphine is at 17 Virgo exact opposite Pisces Chiron at 17 Pisces

Cool, yeah ?
The Divenusian

Pompeii in Pink

david-gilmour-fondos-103327David Gilmour

I love Love LOVE Floyd.
You can find my interp for
Syd here.

One of my favorite things is waking up in the morning with a fresh cuppa java, listening to KQED while I read cards.  You can find KQED an hour with Floyd on the sidebar under Neptunes.

Thrillingly, David has whammy sensitive / artistic / musical water placements !

Sun and Venus (exalted) in Pisces trine a Mars Saturn Rx conjunction in Cancer.
Aries Mercury also trines Mars/Saturn, as well as Pluto Rx in Leo.
Obviously, he’s a workhorse (Mars/Saturn) in the name of art and music, (Pisces) with 5 retrogrades and heavy water placements, he hits his groove in solitary productivity.
Saturn hermits, conjunct Cancer Mars – in order to work freely, quietly without distractions.

Incredible how many artists are working T-Squares as a catalyst to creativity.
David has Mars/Saturn as focal point square Aries Moon and Jupiter Rx in Libra.
Aries Moon and Mercury is fiery fuel under all that sensitivity / creativity – head space and emotional space are  in tandem – courageous, passionate, inspired. 

Jupiter expands the exploratory creative drives of Venus ruled Libra – while conjunct Chiron Rx – he writes and teaches the wound & the healing in his music. Lyrics are compelling and magnetic with Uranus in Gemini square Sun in Pisces – Uranus cuts  straight to the universal nitty gritty lyrically, but with an inherent sweetness and hope for all life and love. (Sun Pisces)

Gemini Uranus trines Neptune in Libra – brilliant communicator through art – both are sextile Leo Pluto which is powerful creativity, risk and play via music (Sun Pisces).
David has North Node in Gemini indicating a need to share and distribute ideas.  This is a total thinking placement, but in regards to doing so with others rather than exploring independently.

Lilith in late Scorpio is delving deep into unseen desires and with an exact trine to Venus, we have an independent trailblazing creative without a shadow of a doubt.
Mercury quintiles Uranus which again solidifies he is an inspired communicator.

I saved the very best for last !

I always knew they were sincerely playing some kind of cosmic tribute to the dead.
I have asteroid Pompeja aka Pompeii 203 bang on my natal Uranus.

David has asteroid Melpomene conjunct Pompeii in Capricorn (earth, past) exactly quintile Chiron Rx (the wounded healer) in Venus-ruled Libra.
OoOoo musical healing across timespace – gives me gooseflesh ! !

Leo rules Italy; Aries and Sagittarius rule Naples.  Pluto and Uranus rule volcanoes. In  79 AD, devastating volcanoes of that magnitude were unheard of.  I will link a doco in comments.

Look to asteroid Pompeii to see how you deal with completely unexpected circumstances that blow your mind and your world inside out.
I guarantee you having Pompeii on Uranus is a wild ride.

Chromotherapy of

Healing properties: Heals grief and sadness. Restores youthfulness. Brings you in contact with your feelings.

Esoteric/magickal: Softness and tenderness, romance, caring, nurturing, for children, youth, peace, friendship, femininity, emotional love, emotional healing. source

Peace love and Floyd

swords & roses


Themis, the daughter of Gaia and Ouranus, is the oracular voice of the Earth.
She is the goddess of
Divine Law and Justice  a seer who presided over the most ancient oracles, including the Delphic oracle.  She is usually pictured blindfolded to represent her impartiality.  Themis judged whether the dead went to Tartarus (hell) or the Elysian Fields (paradise).

Themis is asteroid 24, discovered 1853

Look to your natal Themis to see where you embody divine law, justice and impartiality.  She may seem cold, (science says she is covered with ice) unemotional, but she is in fact – LOGICAL and FAIR.

Her sword cuts both ways.

At eclipse, asteroid Themis is Rx 17 Virgo – trine Mercury, Pluto; quintile Ascendant.
She also opposes Chiron.
Interestingly, when Chiron was discovered, there was a conjunction between Mercury and Sun in Libra.  This Toro eclipse also has a Sun/Mercury conjunction but also with New Moon. New moon beginnings – Virgo Thetis opposite Pisces Chiron – is a call to balance wounding and healing with words through patience and LOVE and forgiveness.

Which side of the blade are you getting / giving ?
Seek the side / choice that brings love and enlightenment.
Be fair.

Found a great interactive map for eclipse visibility HERE.

That was swords.
The draw / personal happenings that inspired the roses are below:

Rosespic, assortment Gneiss Moon
deck Witches Tarot
scarf Asian Eye

A few weeks ago, I decided to feldspar through eclipse season change UPs.  Turns out, I couldn’t even wear labradorite a for full day, it just didn’t feel right.  I picked up my rose quartz and we’ve been bosom buddies ever since. 

A love stone of the heart for the Venusian eclipses.
My guy friends at work gifted me the rhodochrosite pendant, a stone of love and balance when Venus was trine Saturn. 

Rose quartz : Taurus and Libra
Gently removes negativity, produces peace, love and gentleness.  Opens the heart, increases receptivity to art and love.  Promotes balance of the yin-yang energies, emotional healing and relaxation.  Best worn over the heart.
Vibrates to the
number 7.

Rhodochrosite : Scorpio and Leo
Rhodon = rose; chros = color. Contains a pulsating electrical energy of love and the golden sphere of light.  Promotes earth healing and caring for our Mother Earth, Gaia.
[This gift is so weird / cool – Toro eclipse is exact opposite my natal Erda.]  Facilitates ordered mental balance, structure, attunement to the higher self and acceptance that leads to highest growth and health.  Works well with Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Relieves narcolepsy.  Best worn on the wrist on the pulse point.
Vibrates to the number 4.

So with the stones of love in mind, I asked what insights can further us all as we gather tools and intents from the dark moon depths prior to a New Moon Eclipse in Taurus.

Justice – Libra – Themis
Cause & Effect; Action & Reaction
Time & Place

Harmony, truth and justice tempered with love.
Mercury as Lord of New Moon/Sun eclipse = thoughts, words, speech, writing. 
Swords slice the Air on Earth.
Weigh your options.

Spirit card crux of sitch: Strength
Quiet personal power, strength of character and confidence.
Endless cycles of power – love eternal.

Harmony, truth and justice tempered with LOVE in all dealings, with self & others.

peace out

points of prosperity

fuhismi lukerobinson gadling dot comLuke Robinson

Fushimi Inari Taisha is a shrine dedicated to Inari, the Shinto god of rice. Tens of thousands of these gates form a path that winds through a forest and up Mount Inari. The gates themselves are typically donated by businessmen – who pay upwards of thousands of dollars – with hopes that it will bring them good fortunes.

Okay, so I know diddly about Japanese mythology, but low and behold, there is an asteroid for this god.  Sometimes Inari is depicted as an old man on a bag of rice,  others, a young woman on a fox. more here

Asteroid Inari 1532

Inari is the offspring of the impetuous storm god, Susanoo.  Inari is protector of rice cultivation, who furthers prosperity and is worshiped particularly by merchants and tradesmen.  Inari is patron deity of swordsmiths and is associated with brothels and entertainers.
Inari is currently at 4 Libra.


Eric Montfort  + More amazing terraces here

I have Inari conjunct MC / Mercury from the 9th in Libra which is interesting considering in a past life I was available for the highest bidders only.  (Venus/Jupes 8th !)

I do love sifting through the natal for these tidbits.  One life, I was a witch burned at the stake; another, I was an artist of royals who was killed by a jealous rival.  Every time I became known, recognized – I was killed.  Sun/Uranus Pluto much ? ! … and I thought it was just my biggie shy Neptuner.  Nope.

I mention all this is because I am having a nodal return.
As if Pluto Rx on Moon degree, Full Moon Eclipse, whack Saturn/Neptune transits are not enough to process, lol.
SN on NN, vice versa.  Bang on !

Explanation of Lunar Nodes here and here.

North Node transit North Node – all pistons firing forward growth, situations culminate and destined meetings clear the path for you.  People incoming that help guide you, assist you in reaching your life goals. Approximate ages: 19, 38, 57, 75
If you are on the ball at 19-20, hey right on.  Most people get into the nodal groove at 38 after they have played out their younger years and are ready to get serious.

North Node transit South Node – doors to the past close via your future beckoning you.  Concrete decisions in the now force closure of past events. Cohesive clarity of talents and contributions.  Understanding what benefits personal growth, leaving behind that which does not.  Yes, help from others that makes these choices ring like bells.  Approximate ages: 9, 28, 46, 65

Note: Nodes are points, not planets, so they may be missed if you are not aware of them.  They are not like planetary energies gnashing via transits, rather they are an open door to walk through or not.
I can tell you I have definitely felt a tonnage of closure recently, due mainly to the work I have done here at GMA, including synchronicity out the wahzoo specifically regarding past events.  N Node on S Node (vice versa) is most definitely a cosmic weigh station, the check UP, the check IN and
Move It On Up vibe.

Live Long and Prosper

outside the box

Boris Vallejo


Eclipses interp here – Power Steering.

Like many, I am having one hell of an eclipse ride, and yes, I have a few choice words to add to the celestial gumbo.  Moon IS in Virgo, after all.
I am finding my voice, becoming stronger.

Astrology is the best tool for understanding wtf is going on with me & you & everybody else.  Above and beyond the clarity it delivers as an intricate personal life map, astrology delivers amazingly profound insights into how & why people approach life differently.  Any expectation of similar reactions between any two people becomes decisively idiotic when one is intimately familiar with the myriad of astrological variables.

Trust – Virgos LOVE being intimately familiar with a myriad of variables.

Asteroid Logos 58534 – Logical, rational, reasoned discourse.  Data, variables, weaving sacred patterns, shamanic distillation, extraction or assemblage.
currently Logos Rx at 28 Virgo (at the nodal degree)

I had yet another eclipse deal breaker moment earlier this evening.
I think outside the box, do my own thing, which is not often appreciated, or accepted.

Pfft. Fuckit.  I’m done.  It has been a loOong time coming.
FiveFiveFive on the clock when I left work + a nanosecond after my circuit breaker finally blew, Ganesha popped off the wall.  BOOM

That brings me to something else, my writing.  The circuit breaker I am referring to above is my brain – I know my writing sometimes throws a tangential curve Phrases drop into my brainpan via Saturn Aries 3 trine Sag Mars quintile Uranus 9 + Merc MC quintlie ASC.  Many times I have heard that I have said the exact word/phrase called for in a reading that confirms, clarifies, is the catalyst for change.

These phrases from the multiverses are triggers meant to shift your perspective.

I don’t and won’t write ponderous prose pieces with corners tucked so tight you can bounce a quarter to the ceiling.  I don’t slip chocolates under your word pillow or give you the tit.  My writing style is Aesop’s, Cliff’s Notes, Dynamic Ditty.
Countless times what I write is correct at the backdoor, only to disappear/change via strange computer blips upon public post. (Sun/Ura/Plu 9) 
I don’t like it, but I live with it, I am the unapologetic Queen of Edit.

Next full disclosure – I cover addiction astrology here at GMA for a reason – I am one.
Classic Venus square Neptuner issue + when you toss in biggie-size Jupiter…well it ain’t pretty.  Several months ago, someone said something that pissed me off, triggered something else that pissed me off and next thing I know, deamon brew has me by the throat again.  I was doing all I could to fix the sitch privately without a win.  It sucked. 
Then my catalyst walked in, recalibrated my headspace – cold turkey, just like always.  Eight weeks out today.

Speaking of deamons and Archangels, I have no qualms about using both decks side by side.  Why ?  I know my shadow side I don’t live there – but I know it.  Those who refuse to look are (as my old therapist used to say) frosting the turd.
I have far too much Scorpio for that. + I am a multi-Virgo intimately familiar with a myriad of variables.

Love and light decks lean too far to the saccharine, equate the devil to a bad day, 10 of swords to oops ! the unicorn fainted – while some deamon decks are too far entrenched in the negative abyss, the devil becomes spirit possession in need of exorcism, 10 of swords becomes serial killer rampage.

My intent as Divenusian is to uncover the truth – plain and simple.
I use each deck as a foil to the other.
Part and parcel of Libra MC.

Todays cards drawn for incoming Full Moon Eclipse in Libra.
Fallen Angel Oracle

ForneusElement: Earth
Planet: Moon

Forneus teaches the knowledge and understanding of languages and tongues, the art of rhetoric.  Being a worthy and honest opponent leads to a good reputation, makes one beloved by foes as well as friends.
His totem beast is a sea monster, signifying deep knowledge and understanding of the subconscious, including the shadow side – the faults we prefer to disregard, but which trip us up when ignored.

EpipArchangel Raziel
Student teaching & mentorships – lights passing each other on spiritual journeys.

Self-discovery, contemplating mysteries.  Steering your ship.  Wise advice incoming.
Hermit heeding own counsel.


satan on my heel

tumblr_mino1shqMo1qg4blro1_500Achilles, the demigod (half god, half human), son of Nereid (sea nymph) Thesis, and Peleus, the king of Myrmidons – was the greatest warrior of the army of Agamemnon in the Trojan War.  Achilles is most known for the Battle of Troy, where he slayed Hector, the eldest son of Kim Priam of Troy.

The demigod was defeated by Hector’s brother, Paris, when an arrow guided by the Sun God Apollo impaled Achilles in his only weak spot – his heel.

achillesWhen a child, Achilles’ mother, Thetis, dipped him in the waters of the River Styx, by which he became invulnerable, except for the part of his heel by which she held himthe proverbial “Achilles’ heel.”

Achilles-1The Achilles tendon connects the calf muscles to the heel bone – together these muscles produce a foot action that is basic to walking, running, and jumping.
The Achilles tendon is the thickest and most powerful tendon in the body.
If the tendon is cut, use of the leg for running or jumping is lost.

This I have discovered, is where I have more, extra special, Saturn (satan?!) growth.  My pixies are pitching sands and pebbles instead of fairy dust & glitter. haa  Saturn Rx transit on natal Neptune in 11th (natural house of Aquarius – ankles) and I can barely walk by the end of the day due to bone spurs jangling my tendon as I walk, so I looked up the astro.

Asteroid Achilles is 588
Asteroid Achilles is the
Secret Weak Spot in your natal chart.
Planets & points with Achilles contacts – practice caution, be guarded with that energy.
Note what planet rules the sign Achilles is in; as well as what that planet aspects.
Also note how the asteroid, planets and sign aspect Sun (Apollo) which may illuminate Achilles, reveal the Secret.

Currently: Achilles Rx at 10 Libra putting it squarely in the Cardinal Cross – squaring Cancer Jupiter and Capricorn Pluto by degrees – squaring Sun/Uranus in Aries.  Venus is in good aspect to North and South Node; applying semi-square to Sun in Aries.
Cautiously ease friction between intellect, love and actions.