Forging Tree

delvikingErik Delvigne

A twitter convo early am with fellow astrologer Sagittarian Mind led me to this read.

Our planets / placements are like family – how do they get along ?” is a fair question.
I contemplated much the same in my last ‘popularity’ post.  So I decided to let the cosmos speak through divination.

Specifically, I consulted The Goddess, as both Neptune/Pisces and Moon/Cancer are watery, emotional, receptive, Yin energies.  They trine each other at New Moon.
Draw from Dark Goddess Tarot.

What does Neptune Rx have to say to incoming Cancer New Moon (conjunct Sun) ?

photo 4Dhumavati is the Hindu smoke goddess, who when hungry, ate her husband, the god Shiva and became an outcast widow.  She is assertive, determined and associated with ugliness that goes hand and hand with reality, the material world – need, hunger, thirst. She represents all that is inauspicious – she is Shakti without Shiva – in a directionless cart rather than a galloping chariot.   She transforms where she stands.

She is worshipped by widows and bachelors, by those who renounce the material world, also by sorcerers and witches.  Crows, symbols of magick are her companions. The Hag of Air delivers endings, separation and death.  In this case, illusory thinking is clearing.  Her tool is the winnowing basket – she separates (ala Virgo; Mercury Rx in Gemini) what is needed or nourishing, what is true or false.
Rethink your patterns of THINKING.

She has the power to see through smoke to the inner essence; to take the unlucky and sanctify it – turn it into a blessing.  Set yourself free through acceptance of what is weird or strange.  Set a fire to burn past trauma, as it rises into smoke, inhale the lessons, exhale the grief.

Dhumavati is in truth a wisdom goddess who becomes a divine teacher, revealing the secrets to obtaining ultimate knowledge beyond all illusion – blessings in the lessons.


photo 3
New Moon and Sun reply to Neptune with the Irish Goddess of Craft, Art and Healing – Brigid.

Asteroid 450 Brigitta will be found at 10 Aries applying square to Pluto Rx in Capricorn at time of New Moon in Cancer. 
Asteroid Quercus 8643 (Oak, see link below) will be found forming a Grand Water Trine at 17 Cancer trine Saturn Rx in Scorpio and trine Chiron Rx in Pisces.  

Brigid is the goddess of fire and forge – her vessel is the cauldron, her flame burns in Kildare, a sacred tree of the druids, an Oak Tree.  She is a goddess of water, healing, midwifery, keeper of sacred wells.   Brigid is a triple goddess – union between opposites – growth, and the power of three.

She is the goddess of poetry, inspiring oral traditions, songs and tales.  Brigid, patron saint of Students, was born in tumultuous times when Christianity was gaining a foothold in Ireland – she helped to marry the Celtic and Christian worlds, she developed a scriptorium to distribute books, particularly The Book of Kildare, said to rival the Book of Kells.  (The weaving of worlds is apparent in the artwork.)

New Moon/Sun in accordance with Brigid indicates a need for skill and attention, expression rather than suppression.  Speak your mind, forge your purpose. 
Personal pain fueling tangible material results.

Capture the elemental worlds of fire and water and work them in your favor.
Fire purifies, water restores.
Pyromancy, sage smudge, salt baths and cleansings, candle magicks are favored, esp to clear the energy in your home and the deep well of your psyche.