Shadow & Light

shadow-puppet-animation-gifs-artJune 27
New Moon 5 degrees Cancer
Wellington 8:05pm
London 9:08 am
Chicago 3:08am
Seattle 1:08am

New Moon in Cancer opposite house Capricorn in addition to five retrogrades leads me to contemplate Light and Shadow.
Rx: Mercury in Gemini, Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune & Chiron in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn

Shadow is ruled by Saturn as is restraint – arguably, retrogrades slow the process of that planetary expression to individual perfection, which is also Saturn. 

New Moon/Sun trine Neptune Rx while they also loosely oppose Pluto Rx at 12 degrees Capricorn indicates juggling and peace talks in these houses leading to fresh starts and new perspectives.  Thinking about women, love, money, art, balance – and taking the kit & caboodle to the next octave – is certainly on the table via a square to Neptune Rx from Gemini Venus.

With that in mind, I drew from the Elemental Tarot for first, the Shadow.
I will also add that I love the synchronicity of this post.  
11’s everywhere, very interesting, appropriate.

photo 2

Shadow is two, signaling polarities/opposites.  We have a letter, open scales with talking heads in cuss and discuss (Mars in Libra ! lol) mode hashing out final results.  The upside down head cautions against losing one’s head due to greed or naiveté.

Renpet is the Sumerian goddess of youth and spring, pointing to nine new beginnings (shoots) springing up with the energies of Venus and Uranus – impulsive excitement and headstrong will.  An offer that may someday bear strange fruit. heh. Venus/Uranus ya know.  Jus’ saying’.
HA !  Headstrong was typed first as headstone will, which is so apt – for this card signals Shadow of premature action.  Curiosity and the cat, if you will.

Now for the card of Light, drawn from the Oracle of the Radiant Sun.
See the 11, polarities theme emerging here ?  Fascinating.  Especially on an emotional New Moon in touchy-feely Cancer at 5 degrees with Mercury Rx.  (motto: I FEEL)

The Light is immersion in thought while ignoring emotional waters.  Being friendly with everyone while also keeping an appropriate distance.  Obviously, YOU judge appropriate distance.  Unusual tastes and cultivation of new perspectives of humanity – hippies, ashrams, communes.  Knowing your place in the world – loving it / yourself / others for all the differences that make us a whole unified ONE.
This card also signals an inventive bent to artistic expression, brainstorms that produce balance and – Yes – both attachment to and detachment from money and / or love.

The Light is found in unusual friendships / relationships, agreements between lovers, exchanges of money and unusual artistic expression.


The below is just for fun – hilarious !

shadow dogGotcha !