Race is ON


Venus in Gemini is an intellectual placement for the planet of love money and art.  Insatiably curious and clever, this placement of Venus insists upon mental gymnastics and displays of verbal prowess.  This Venus discriminates due to the influence of Mercury, they are changeable, easily bored – the exchange of information must be fresh, exciting and new.  They will quickly let you know that they already know if you prattle on about yesterday’s old news.

The affections of Gemini Venus will crash and burn when the conversation – or heaven forbid you – turns boring.  They can be abrupt, dismissive for the next shiny object to come along the pike.  Fair warning – Mercury flits and flirts – rarely settling in one place for long unless other natal chart factors indicate otherwise.

Gemini/Mercury is the messenger, the trickster and the perceptive – people with Venus here don’t miss a trick (if they can shut up long enough to hear you) and will swiftly, deftly take advantage of the sitch if Venus is poorly aspected.  Under good aspects, this Venus fondly shares ideas freely and widely as they truly love ideas and are not greedy with them in the least.  Bookworms, film buffs and writers proliferate for they love wordplay !

The influence of Venus attracts a love of learning and information of all kinds – nothing is too trivial for this Venus.  This Venus loves spice-of-life variety, jack-of-all-trades thinkers, who can and do trade ideas across all possible spectrums.  Savvy intellectual foreplay will get them undressing far quicker than gifts or goodies – take note !

Gemini rules hands – hands of a Venus Gemini are often lovely and tapered.  They are one sure thing to watch if you want to know what’s really going on in that head of theirs. They can’t help but spill over the verbal language information glut into talking with their hands.

They are a bit twitchy (again, influence of nervous Mercury) by nature, but when upset it increases tenfold – if hands are in the air waving around, you can bet the information and / or pressure has reached overload capacity. To help tension disperse, let them spill what’s on their minds, and they will feel better almost immediately.

Also know that any sort of hand contact is very much a turn on – massage, holding hands, finger painting, ceramics etc… (Ghost, anyone ?) will work wonders with this Venus placement.

Venus attracts money here through communication of all kinds: talking, writing, being versatile in social groups is their forte.  They hook up like-minded people in a snap ! and are able to move between differing intellectual groups with ease – they know a little about everything.  Venus in Gemini attracts kindness and love from others as well, capitalize on these natural traits and Gemini Venus has money coming in easily.

Most of all, Gemini Venus must have a myriad of avenues to express themselves freely and often.  They are after all, social animals who need lively entertainment, cuss & discuss, and several perspective shifts daily to feel they have lived well.  
If you can keep up with Mercury, you’re in the race !