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Graham HancockGraham Hancock

Graham Hancock is a British writer and journalist specializing in unconventional theories involving ancient civilizations, stone monuments/megaliths, altered states of consciousness, ancient myths and astronomical/astrological data from the past. One of the main themes running through his books is a posited global connection with a “mother culture” from which he believes all ancient historical civilizations sprang.  (wiki)

As many of my regular readers know, I am a big fan of cleaning with (Virgo 9) and falling asleep listening to lectures.  (Sagittarius Mars in 12)  I am also a big fan of Graham, who consistently delivers the curious/unusual and thought-provoking from sites around the globe.

Graham is a Leo Sun (ruling) conjunct (8 degree orb) Pluto trine Sagittarius Chiron Rx.  Fantastic placement for Chiron, a centaur body, naturally curious – the eternal student/teacher.  Chiron the hopeful healer in the sign of higher philosophies and the Big Picture signifies a man who will travel, study, and expand horizons wherever he goes and teach and help countless others in the process.  His study and consequent teachings will revolutionize how we SEE the world.

Driven by a quest for the Truth, he will find obstacles where authority is concerned (Chiron square Virgo Saturn) but he will also find a creative tension that is very rewarding when unlocking the puzzles of time and myths and monuments built on earth. (Saturn)

Graham Hancock diving in the “Basin” at Yonaguni.Graham Hancock diving in The Basin at Yonaguni

Pisces Jupiter trines Cancer Venus conjunct Uranus – both yin water signs of nurturing and healing, reflect his deeply felt care for our earth and herstory.  Venus conjunct Uranus in Cancer is an interesting combo – simultaneously separating from dogmatic science yet embracing the relationship in a deeply personal fashion. This aspect likely attracts scientists and oddballs in equal measure, it also points to a love of ideas.

Mars and Neptune are placed in Libra the sign of love, balance and a deep appreciation for beauty.  Mars sextiles Mercury (ruling) in Virgo, its lone aspect (separating 5 degrees) that calls for action and speaking personal truth (Mercury opposes Jupiter) creating/fostering bonds and harmonious relationships between all people to the universal source – Life – in its myriad of forms.  This is also strengthened by Virgo (earth) Saturn sextile Venus in Cancer.


Graham has Moon in late Pisces or early Aries (no exact deets), either way, moon is conjunct North Node at 29 Pisces the culmination of all culmination degrees – the last degree of the last sign of the zodiac, this points to embracing the vast transcendence, letting go of intellectual ‘boxes’ and allowing feelings and intuition to take the reins.
North Node here is a call to head into the mystic, trust the universe to open with spiritual purpose on the life’s journey.

Graham_stonehengeLastly, Virgo Saturn (time, structures) is quintile (genius expression/talents) Uranus signaling his revolutionary science, progressive ideas that are solidly built upon the past.


Of course, video in comments . . .

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  1. Thanks Gneiss. I totally agree with Monika. This is a wonderful interpretation of Graham Hancock. I have followed his work since 1995. I do love scientists who follow their intuition while carefully using their research skills to bust old, staid, outdated theories and fight the old paradigms.
    I will check out the videos.
    Interesting North Node 29* Pisces I suppose conjuncts moon. Jupiter also this sign and he definitely follows the call of his destiny.

    • Thank you ! Glad you enjoyed it, I also love his work, live vicariously through his travels and study…
      I do love scientists who follow their intuition while carefully using their research skills to bust old, staid, outdated theories and fight the old paradigms.
      Perfectly said !

      Moon conjunct orb 7 either way (be it in or out of sign)
      I tend to give a bit more with the lights.

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