self-service moon

Moon exalted in Taurus. 

Usually a sensitive zen vibe, low key couch spud, carb loading, Moon – this Toro moon moves closer into opposition with Saturn as the day moves on. 

This vibe is a straight no chaser shot of dissatisfaction with how things are as opposed to how you feel they should beFeelings vs. what is of Use

Take it as a sign to work out the kinks with others in houses Taurus / Scorp.  Your primo self-growth lies in houses Leo and Aquarius.  Opportunities for emotional growth in Cancer and Pisces; work growth in Virgo and Capricorn.

This is the self- service Moon. 
How true that is for some single folks like me.  haha Take that however you like. Made it through the holidays WoOo HoOo first all the freaky yule frenzy, now hearts and kisses day is ovah –  Yippie !  Rollin’ downhill now . . .

Sun is in the last degrees of Aquarius moving to square (out of sign) Jupiter in Gemini,  ideas are crunching ::: between what we think and what we know ::: inner friction and turmoil that backs up the Moon Saturn opposition. 

House Pisces is strong [Neptune, Chiron, Mars, Mercury] at the moment – –  in the ring wrestling Mega Jupes in Gem via square.   Dreamy perceptions and high inspiration  forces change in these houses, inner metamorphosis.  Beliefs vs. Think

Saved the best for last – Moon is also moving to trine Pluto in Capricorn, which helps support mega metamorphic emotional growth today.  Saturn in mutual reception with Pluto does same. 
Work through your feelings – literally.

Adaptation, improvisation.