energy hairball

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.
Muhammad Ali

Great visuals POPPED UP via my psychic reading today

the best of which were
:: you kind of have this big energy hairball 
stuck in the drain
just keep poking at it
until the water flows ::

* brilliant *
Leonine hairballs 
(8th house Leo Ven/Jupes square Neptuner 11th)

fixed squares = ingrained habits over many lifetimes

! CACK !
lifetimes of hairballs

My Toro Moon (rules throat)
 opposes Neptune AND trines Pluto

to keep poking at the hairball 
I have to engage my throat chakra

convert the opposition to trine

via Moon fulcrum
clear my 8th house (Scorp) drain of the energy buildup

? Ever notice how much BLUE shows up on these pages ?
is unintentional, yet fascinating

my aura is blue / green
(proof  here ! haha)

throat / heart

my healing goes hand in hand
with communication of
my heart house
Leo 8

What chakras do you engage to heal