dancing with Gaia

Quickie reading
Gemini Sun conjunct Taurus Mercury/Jupiter exact
Squares Mars; Squares Neptune (which are opposite each other)
:: t-square ::

Gemini Moon conjunct Venus

~Feeling free to explore the possibilities~

work while mentally tuning into
the nuances of creating your dream
  remain open to ideas
fresh new ones are being born every minute
dance with them
sculpt them

Sun/ Mer/ Jup conjunction : Kenaz : Beacon (reversed)
instability, changes in creativity, cutting through illusion

Mars : Othala : Ancestral property
finding what is truly important, aid in spiritual journeys

Neptune : Mannaz : Mankind
your place in the universal all one, awareness, aid in spiritual journeys

Crystal : Chlorite Phantom Crystal
self-healing, regeneration, connection with nature
  During the growth of the crystal, Chlorite is deposited on the crystals termination followed by further growth.

Helps footsteps follow the rhythm of nature
Gaia energy
the mineral kingdom.

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