May I introduce singer, songwriter, poet and actor John Doe.
He has appeared in over 50 films and television productions, with some of his most notable roles in Road House, Georgia, Roadside Prophets, Great Balls of Fire, Pure Country and Roswell.  Long list here.

He founded the LA punk band X, soon after he met Exene Cervenka at the Venice, California poetry workshop in 1976.  X released 7 records from 78-93, the documentary of the life of their band The Unheard Music  was included in the Sundance UCLA Archive of greatest films of all time.  X is still actively touring today – they open for Pearl Jam in June in Europe.

John has recorded more than a half dozen albums as a soloist or in collaboration with other artists, such as Patti Griffin, Aimee Mann, Eddie Vedder and many more.  The video above features Cindy Wasserman and Dave Carpenter.  I am pleased to tell you a bit about the astro behind this amazingly talented man.

John is a life path 1, this is a life of innovation, vital potential, he is a creative pioneer.

John is a Pisces Sun, conjunct an exact conjunction of Venus and Mercury, also in Pisces.  Pisces are compassionate and artistic, they see the depth of human nature and are sensitive to the environment, the vibrations of the people and places around them. Venus is exalted in Pisces – conjunct Mercury, making the communication of inspired creations prominent in his life.

Sun is the creative force, the house that ‘shines’ in the natal.  John’s Sun squares (internal tension) the houses of the lower (learning thinking) and higher (philosophies and ethics) mind, giving him the urge to manifest creations from what he thinks and sees – the creative outlets release this inner (square) tension.

Venus is not only exalted, but also in mutual reception with Neptune in Libra.  This creates an easier expression between the energies and houses – they are in the sign the other rules, so they ‘get each other’ and can work well as a team.

Venus is cultivated artistry, Neptune is the higher octave, inspired artistry.  Neptune rules poetry, film and stringed instruments, and is trine (easy energy) with Jupiter in Gemini – Jupiter expands and Gemini communicates through thought and word.  Gemini Jupiter is opposite Sagittarius Moon / Mars conjunction making John a wordsmith.

Mars conjunct Moon gives the feelings (Moon) a kick start energy expression – though the moon fluctuates by nature- this energy may come and go in waves with the cycles of the Moon.  Mars fires up the emotions, this aspect can be a spitfire, half-cocked, impulsive type of energy, with the emotions leading rather than the mind.  This aspect is best relieved by physical labor or creative pursuits.

John soaks up (Pisces feels the vibes) all he SEES  (Sagittarius motto) and feels (Moon) while he travels (Moon and Mars in Sag) near and far…everything is an opportunity to create beauty through words, music and film.

This Pisces conjunction squares John’s Moon / Mars conjunction in Sagittarius; it also squares Jupiter in Gemini which oppose each other, forming a t-square with Venus as the focal planet.  The focal planet becomes the driving energy that needs expressing, it is where the T-square aspect feels the most tension.

Artistic Venus also is trine Saturn in Scorpio and Uranus in Cancer.  Saturn in Scorpio is a powerful placement for achieving deep seated goals that require patience and endurance.  It can easily be crafted into punk, it is an aspect of USING (Capricorn motto – Saturn rules) DESIRES (Scorpio motto) to create art. (Saturn trine Pisces Sun and Venus / Mercury).

Uranus in Moon-ruled Cancer gives an unusual approach to expressing feelings and creating art – instantaneous inspirations are often rising up from the subconscious, giving insight, directions in creativity.

Libra Neptune is trine Gemini Jupiter, again the expansion of ideas and communicating them in easy energy to brainstorming artwork and finding personal balance through expressing the creative self.

John has 5 retrograde planets: Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  These planetary energies will express themselves inwardly until an event in the outer world forces the energy to express outwardly.  As the energies begin to express outwardly, they will be a driving force, leading to growth as an artist and communicator.

John has North Node of Destiny conjunct Chiron in Capricorn.  The path to healing (Chiron) will come through patient, long-term work efforts, a life-long love of learning, exploring, and finding new approaches to creative work.  Defining the best USE of his creative gifts and conveying the richness of human experience (Scorpio) will guide him on the path to success.

Thanks for the music~

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  1. My partner is a Pisces John with exact Venus/Mercury in Venus. He composes electronic music (Uranus conjunct Leo Ascendant) Very good looking as are the men you feature. 😉
    Vids are not loading for me I will have to return later.

  2. Cool. Venus/Mercury where again ?
    I have noticed strong Uranus often gives a love of electronica. Great example, thanks.
    Oh, and the men I feature are creative, they just happen to be handsome too 🙂 hee
    cursor over black space loads the pic/ vid, sorry – are working for me. Hope they do for you later…

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