Saturn Stone


Fossil, Paleozoic Marine Arthropod

A stone with similarities to snails speaks of the slow passing of time and the architecture of the ages.  It is a stone of stability and protection.  Ammonite transmutes negativity into smooth flowing energy, encouraging relaxation.

Ammonite encourages circular breathing, making it an excellent stone ally during childbirth.  It enhances survival instincts and alleviates depression, good for bones and teeth.  Recommended for construction workers, those building structural foundations.

Vibrates to the number 9.

I chose this one for Fire on the 12th.

2 thoughts on “Saturn Stone

  1. Saturn

    Present in each map of the sky
    A strong or weak Saturn
    Becomes the celestial karma
    With him your fate is on Earth
    An introspective trend
    Looking for a master’s degree
    This place Saturn chose
    Can become a source of displeasure
    Just accept it
    As an offline
    Saturn evil liked
    The wise man abandoned
    Brings frustration about events
    A slow pace accompanied by torment
    Saturn requires a detachment
    To allow themselves the isolation
    Saturn is the restriction on hardware
    The abandonment of his earthly ego
    Patience WINS in wisdom
    The discovery of the essential

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