gathering qi

Mudjekeewis, Spirit keeper of the West (element Fire) is Father of all the Winds, he provides homes for the Thunder Beings.

His energy is strong in twilight time and in autumn.

Soapstone, cedar, gifts of adulthood, maturity, using expertise and valued skills are found in the west.  The grizzly bear vibrates to the western spirit – bear is both fierce and gentle; active in summer light, and inactive / hibernating in the winter dark. 

Breathe in western energy at sunset to help you walk the path of balance and cultivate awareness and acceptance of the worlds of light and dark; of life and death. 

Twilight is the magick hour when movement between worlds is possible.
Twilight is spiritual, creative, energetic and attractive.

Breath, relax your body, lightly focus your mind on your goal . . .let the spirit energy of the West rise to meet you on your path . . .

To estimate the number of minutes until sunset:

1. Stretch out both arms in front of you.
2. Place one hand above the other with the little finger of one hand on the horizon.
3. Count the fingers (not thumbs) needed to block the sky between horizon and Sun.
4. Multiply the number of fingers by 15.

om mani padme hum