fuse is LIT

Sun into Aries March 20
11:57am CT, USA

Eostara Vernal equinox ~ equal day and night.  So named for the Eastern Star or Venus.  The female estrous cycle of fertility comes from Eostara.

Expect fresh fire as Sun – the WILL – enters Cardinal action sign, Aries – the I AM – of the zodiac, starting point of the wheel of life.

Sun is exalted in Mars-ruled Aries – power, drive – the guts going for the glory sign of the natal chart will get a massive solar boost.

Also check these houses below and apply :

Aries – power NOW
Libra – compromise NOW
Cancer and Capricorn – put your cleats on – obstacles NOW
Gemini and Aquarius – go fetch opportunities NOW

Manipura (solar plexus) the chakra of vitality, purpose, and everything outgoing (Mars) from you to the world will be activated.  Hormonal overdrive and the need to get moving will be the fuse under house Aries.

Construction or destruction ?
Enthusiasm or aggravation ?
The impulsive blade / word ?
Aahhh… but wait…

Mars ruler of Aries is RETROGRADE in LOVELY Venusian LIBRA.

::: Mars Rx  internal fire – shifts in your – Balance of the Force :::
Mars Rx reviews before re-engaging – love, money, art, balance, partnerships until
Mars Direct at 9 Libra, May 19.

Aggro power plays or cloyingly overt passes or needless shopping sprees during Mars Rx are just.  .NO.

I for one, am not writing much at GMA for the mo since my ankle has been sprained and swollen for many weeks and writing seated for hours aggravates it to the point where I can barely walk.  

Mars Rx in my 10th, career action slows, I process Saturnian (natural 10th house ruler)  issues while ye olde cuss retrogrades over my natal Neptuner in 11th.

Six 6 natal planets tested by Saturn transit – one of the other two left is ALREADY SATURN. Heh, heh. Dark, twisted, humor.
Gentian/Larch are my new BFFs. 

WoOo HoOo Aries

Spring ?! 
Briiiing IT !

This earth girl cannot wait to dig in the dirt.
I LOVE dirt.