Mercury in Pisces

In this placement, the trickster planet processes thoughts through emotions and feelings.  
Thoughts rise and fall on waves of compassion, inclusiveness and connection to everything that is.
This is a sensitive Mercury placement.

Communication becomes more versatile here via a sponge-like intake of sonar, vibrations, frequencies – rushing in from all vectors, dimensions.  The borders with what lies beyond are a loose veil in house Pisces.  Divination insights float in waters of the global universal unconscious, waiting to be netted, gulped…

Pisces goes with the flow, thoughts transcend worldly matter to explore higher consciousness, other dimensions, other realms of existence found
O  U  T        T    H      E       R         E

Artistic meanderings of the mind are a must.  Past memories, psychic impressions drift and rise to the surface to be processed and released.  Introspection and soul work is highly beneficial. creativity natural and therapeutic.

Common missteps are oversensitivity that leads to a desire to numb via intoxicants.
Can’t drown a fish, I’ve tried, and tried.  Trust me on this one.
A tendency to fantasize and form fictitious scenarios aka lying to yourself or others, or both.

This Mercury placement can be a bit spacey (Neptune rules sea and space), so cultivate patience, go with the flow.
Truly genius creativity (film, music, art) and healing will develop when working this energy high qi !