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photo 32Mary-El Tarot

Mercury into Pisces
Monday March 17, 5:24pm CT USA
London 10:24pm
Tuesday, March 18, 7:24am Tokyo
Mercury into Aries
April 7

Intent: show me a card that will lead us to our sharpest insight; aid in leading us towards our highest manifestations for Mercury’s transit through Pisces.

So very compelling this card came up.
Fiery red horse of the Second Seal, the rider holds the sword of war and peace.
Such a vivid image for the highest number of emotional cups, yes ?
Ten has reached peak experience, must renew at one.

Bloodlines moving from generation to generation.  The wheel of the heart pumping as we push forward on earth, stewards of the royal blood of the living.  Pumping in our veins is ancient lineage.  We are made of stars.
We are of the God/Goddess.
We are also of the Chaos/Abyss.

The riders pictured are mother and child – the Memento Mori – latin for remember your mortality.  Death is the great leveler, taking equally, often without warning.  Love, joy and also sorrow, loss are interconnected in the vast cosmic sea of ALL ONE.

Squeeze the life out of every moment while alive.
Experience the whole color spectrum, each dimension, experience – fully.

Changing fortunes in matters of the heart & mind over matter.
Carpe Diem.


O Captain, My Captain !
Dead Poets Society