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photo 34Tarot of the Origins

Intent: clear vision into our astrological future, keen sideways insights, resulting in highest manifestations for all my readers.

Masks we wear are related to first house (or what others see in us), Aries, also Mars which is currently retrograde in Libra.  Mars is the blades and brawn that drives the whole natal chart – currently in retrospection mode.
The Demon frees our hidden selves via masks who reveal who we truly are.

During Mars Rx, we explore our actions, desires – consider mask magick.  
Try on one, then another, figure out where to place future bets.

The Sun, spirit (also gambling and play) is exalted in Aries and today shines at the powerful Aries point – zero degrees.  Self expression and who we are will be playful in Aries, Mars Rx or not, the energy WILL flow somewhere – just make it a worthwhile expression !

photo 33The Rite of Nature aka We Wait.
Pluto in Capricorn takes  f o r e v a h.  Truth !! 
Change UPs are imminent in this house right along with Aries as the Uranus Pluto square heats up into the Cardinal Cross and 2 Eclipses. Which of course means all Cardinal signs including Libra and Capricorn are beginning to feel the heat.  
I give or take 7 degrees +/- either side of the degrees below for the hot zones, simply because the sensitives who read here are exactly that. (of course, more eclipse info later)

April 15 – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 25 degrees Libra
April 29 – New Moon Solar Eclipse at 8 degrees Taurus

photo 36

Tarot of the New Vision

So how to express energy with Mars Rx ?
See the happiness right in front of you.
Trust me, my life looks nothing like the card above.
See -caught myself- I do live in a home near a lake, have two cats rather than kids, no mate, but doing just fine regardless, and happiness always requires emotional shifts and altitude adjustments.
Mars is in Libra after all, be grateful, be loving, be kind.  Whatever you want to achieve is working slowly and behind the scenes, but moving slow is still moving.

Go easy on yourself.
Eclipses are born and bred to create big changes in a big hurry.

photo 35Philosophers Stone Oracle

This card is my absolute favorite answer.
I asked what is the mountainous hurdle for Mars Rx ?
We must first know our frienemies in order to make war or peace, yes ?

Formation of the right question will lead you to the answer !

Check your natal Mercury as well as keep in mind Mercury is gaining on Neptune in Pisces…two degrees of separation !
Think healing, artistic inspirations, music, healing, film, poetry, dance, mystical realms and forgiveness.


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  1. Wonderful post Gneiss! That Devil card is the best I’ve ever seen in tarot. Pan, Nature card so appropriate for you guys on the Equinox. I think you guys will be happy families when the Sun comes out again for you.
    Happy Spring Equinox all!

    • ::: Everyone ::: I talked to today had a Spring in their Step, smiles all around.
      So happy it’s here ! Has definitely improved :: my :: mood tenfold.

      herongrace, this deck feels paleolithic, transportive. Glad you enjoy it also. These cards all rang like bells today – that last one – such a perspective shifter, love it.
      Happy Mabon !

      Great to hear from you both. !

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