winds of change

The Book of Doors Divination Deck

This is a two card draw, (message from spirit card at the bottom of deck on the bottom).

The intent of this reading is an energetic map, a guide to the energies in the skies above us.
I pulled these cards to activate us to meet our highest good and the most benevolent outcome personally & globally.

I had the Sun conjunct Uranus aspect in mind when I pulled these cards.
Uranus rules fixed air (wind) sign, Aquarius.
Sun spotlights Uranus in firey Aries  ~> Uranus always signals change.
Sun is exalted in Aries just 2 days after New Moon, also in Aries.
New moon signals increase towards full moon manifestation.

Nef : Family of the Wind 7 Shai :
Change for the better, luck. Freedom from bondage. Destiny.
(the number 7 is spiritual change, choice)

Aah : Family of the Moon 8 Kematef :
Immortality, renewal of energy.  (the number 8 is regeneration) One phase of life ends, another begins / or something returns you thought gone.
Moon signals emotional renewal.
Sun conjunct Uranus signals WILL in conjunction with electrical, intuitive POWER.

Spirit Card
Nef : Family of the Wind 4 Af – Neteru 
Assistance, guidance, protection.  Preparation for a new phase in life.
(the number 4 is stability and building)