singing praises

photo 16Decks: Tarot of the New Vision, WildWood Tarot

Intent: highest outcome, brilliant insights
1 Left card: Venus Rx energies –Venus Rx interp here
2 Right card: Venus as she approaches Pluto in Cap
3 Bottom card popped out: special message of import !

1 Hidden world of secrets, knowledge and wisdom – power of sexuality, traditionally feminine roles (mother, wife) transmuted into seeking power through the divine. Occult mysteries are brought to light with this retrograde through the sign of the mystical sea goat.
Shades and signs of the moon guide intuition rightly when we are attuned to the natural world around us.

2 Power to use (Pluto/Capricorn) all elements (fire, earth, air, water, ether) to turn the tide of your life via intent and practical magick.  Everything you require is within your grasp, you need only work with the energies wisely.  Use your will to weave the energies warp and weft – strengthen yourself and your world.  Focus, meditate, apply wisdom.

3 Vigilance, spying, watching.  (Particularly totem animals, birds + young people.)   Quick minds see all, studious undertakings, writing, communicating (particularly singing) when called for.