roots in the branches

Face Inlay of the Pharaon AkhenatenFace Inlay of the Pharaon Akhenaten

Thinking of transits
Uranus opposition
 – – Done !   Got fired up – ass over teakettle in astro, began writing here at GMA.

Saturn currently has half my chart in vice grips.
– – Work feels better, move it on UP. One more sign to go before I close the square.

I am (we are) halfway (+) through 7 Uranus Pluto squares (2011-2015). ! !
– – Wow.  This has the other half of my chart.

I know, soOo much more yet to do, but look how far we have come !

So onto what prompted this, aside from my whack transits.
I read a bit of  Psychic Shield by C. Matthews, was intrigued by something I read.

In order to shield and protect [paraphrase] something we must first know its inner core, its nature.   When trauma shakes us off/out of our center, something else* may enter to take its place.  *aka: bad juju, no good

This struck me as being absolutely directly related to Uranus-Pluto squares which are delivering change after change after change.  We are slowly being thrown off kilter,  we are shifting gears for the steep grade, sharp curves – our centers are changing as we do.
Soul re-alignment, reset reboot via Saturn in Scorpio mutual reception Pluto in Capricorn – they support each other.

We delve deep, reassess the sitch, heal foundational structures, slowly rebuild.
Our center likely rotates around our ‘core center’ just like the Sun does in our galaxy under different aspects . . . just be aware of it, work with it. 

This is a continual process, a journey – – not a singular event.

If you are knocked off center ffs :: Time Out :: regroup.  Adaptation, improvisation. Find your center – – that which pleases you, that which makes you feel love and loved, rooted to your place in the world tree.   Rework game plan, stand on your head – see the roots in the branches – meeting together in the middle in the heart center.
Bad vibes are more likely to increase/enter in our vicinity when we ignore our intuition,  force matters when they should flow.

Light on your feet, bob & weave, warp & weft.