rock steady

May I introduce, Cynthia Powell.
A multi – Virgo Grand Earth Trine who has my heart up her sleeve.
Mercury Virgo; Sun conj Venus, Neptune also in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus as well as trine Mars in late Capricorn.

Cynthia has Moon conjunct Pluto in opposition to Mars in Capricorn (exalted) square Saturn as focal point of a T-Square.  That’s a tough T-square revolving around men, (Mars, Saturn) feelings, home, women and the public – power struggle involving same.

Cynthia has a great vibe, I took to her right away, really loved her book, John.
In fact, I cried through the last few pages, her story is one of a kind.  She met and fell in love with a boy in art school who ended up having a huge impact on her life.  They married, he and his friends created some of the best music in the world, they weathered his rise to public fame together, he fathered her son, Julian.  Then in a flash, it was all over when she came home to find him in bed with another woman.  ugh.  My heart goes out.

The astro of the biz: T-Square focal planet is crucial.
Saturn is restriction, hard work, streamlining interests.

Cynthia was restricted – first by having to keep her marriage hidden, then by having to raise their son on her own.  She went to work, had her own business, but always struggled to be seen as her own talent – she is a gifted artist in her own right – her own woman aside from the fact she was once married to John.
Public opinion of both Cynthia and Julian is indeed more than a little off-kilter at times, [John was a man, not a demi-god] though I can see the tide slowly turning, thankfully, they are finally telling their side of the story.

Mars in exaltation is a fantastic placement, which doesn’t know how to give up, it simply isn’t in their vocabulary.  Along with very strong earth placements, Cynthia was (and remains) rock steady for her son, in the stead of his less predictable father.

Jupiter in Aries trine Moon Pluto conjunction bestows beneficial influences of faith, hope, generosity, a happy-go-lucky outlook on a life full of struggle (Pluto) both with women and in the public eye (Moon).  Mercury trine Saturn allows for a serious, yet clever mind that perceives safe paths through the minefield towards peace, reconciliation.

Earth trines are above all, practical, skillful.
They ANALYZE, USE what they HAVE to achieve brilliant success.

Deep bow to you Cynthia
You are an amazing woman !
Love, Gneiss

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