bended knee

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Saturday December 21, 2013
Sun into Capricorn
Venus Rx 29 Capricorn

Friday January 31, 2014
Venus Direct 13 Capricorn

Venus retrograde is a prime time to look over finances, career goals, ambitions and accomplishments with an eye towards streamlining and improvement. 
How are you using your materials to build firm foundations ?

Action plans will be tweaked, partnerships balanced, attitudes will change altitudes, all in order to become more efficient, streamlined.  
No fuss, no frills.
Built to Last.
Venus retrograde in Capricorn cuts to the difficult chase straightaway in order to patiently start re-building from the ground up.

 Venus Capricorn is practical – set finances and faulty relationships into order, cut the fat, get serious.   Who holds your reins, you or an overlord ?  

Right the balance.      Be true to yourself.  Be kind to your body.

photo 11Quickie read for what we (globally) need to be aware of with this retrograde.

III – The Great Mother: Venus in Capricorn opposes/compromises with mother energy from Cancer across the wheel.  
How do you mother and nurture ?  Are you putting yourself in the nurturing equation as well ?  What do others demand of you,  are they restricting your emotional freedom ?
What is your relationship with Gaia ?  Are you good to her, treat her water well..?

Spirit: XI: Creative Power: Sun enters Capricorn for this transit, leading two benefics to navel gaze on our past rootsespecially re: love, $$, career goals, peace of mind.

Are we wisely using what we have to create our lives in harmony ?  
Venus retrograde will lead us to reflect, reason and revise.

Start at your knees (Capricorn rules), bend and let the universe work with you for greatest results.  Venus attracts, while in retrograde – she attracts the old past so we can sift through it for what we can still USE.

In Peace