Hey, it’s me again

Figured as much.
Mars nearly trine my Toro Moon and I am on a Robin Zander bender.

Another Robin Zander bender, more like, lol.

Cheap Trick should be in the Hall of Fame already !
April 1st is Cheap Trick Day in Illinois by law.  hee love that.

Robin’s Toro Moon (exalted) and Jupiter conjunct my Moon, which means they also trine my Virgo Stellium. Robin’s Pisces Venus (exalted) Mars conjunction is trine my Neptuner.  His Aquarius Sun and Cap Mercury also trine my stellium. Robin’s Leo Pluto is conjunct my Venus Jupiter conjunction. My Leo stuff also sextiles his Saturn Neptune conjunction in Libra. My Libra Mercury is conjunct his Saturn Neptune. My Moon sextiles his Cancer Uranus….so is plenty fair to say, I liiiike him

My Mom (Sag rising)  took me to see Cheap Trick, (my first I asked for live show- Kris Kristofferson was a gifty first when my Mom opted out) which of course is reflected in the natals.  ie: My Mom’s Venus and Mars are both trine Robin’s Saturn/ Neptune in Libra.  His Venus and Mars conjunction trines her Cancer Pluto.  There’s more, but you get the idea.  My former husband who has heard them live several times at my request has good synastry with Robin too, their Moons are conjunct too, for starters.

Everyone we meet we have some sort of energetic reaction with, a grinding or an ease.

Growth is located in the squares and oppositions – we work to release the pressure – but too many and there is a break.  outta here !

Learning astrology is more than just the natal, it is understanding the transits and progressions too…

Transits are the global vibe – what is up there in the sky happening now.

Progressions are your personal chart  forwarded to reflect your growth to date.

When reading progressions,
Look to your progressed Sun for insights into where your awareness is focused.

The Moon shows where your feelings are living.

Check to see what natal house has progressed to the ascendant, there will be a focus on the activities of that house.

Check out your angular planets 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th for they are strong areas of focus.

Compare your progressed Moon phase with that of the progressed Sun – new moons are beginnings, full moons are culminations, waning moons signify endings.

Note if any planets have just switched signs, it will be felt.

Also compare your progressed with your natal, conjunctions and squares being very important.

When progressions activate the natal and transits activate both, there is an event.

I will use myself as an example:  Work, work, work it’s all about the work. sheesh. ha
My progressions in a nutshell: 2nd house (work) Aquarius brought to the ascendant. Saturn (my natal ruler, rules work) in the 1st opposite Venus (love, creativity and money) which is not so happily squeezed between game changers Uranus and Pluto in the 7th.  Sun in Scorpio keeping company with Mercury under good aspect, thankfully !  Mars tightly conjunct Moon (10 and 11 degrees respectively) in Capricorn square Saturn.
(work ! + lots of it – also a bit cranky is an understatement, lol)

Recent transit that boggled me was Pluto direct (Pluto stationed retrograde at 9 degrees Cap April 13th.) nearly conjunct progressed Mars and Moon.  As Pluto activated progressed Mars and Moon it was also squaring my natal Saturn at 9 Aries, and coming to trine my natal Moon in Taurus.  Someone, yes a man from my past came calling and pretty much rocked my world.  Again.

That’s all I am saying about that transit + dude, prog Merc is in Scorpio 8th, after all. lol

This post has been Gemini all over the place, I was indeed thinking Venus retrograde when I posted Voices, not feeling the Pluto love at the mo….so that Pluto post I promised… I was thinking it would have to wait, then I ended up talking about Pluto anyway.
Ah well…prog Venus attracts the odd Pluto blurt despite my efforts – it is squashed between my natal Virgo Sun + Uranus (Pluto conjunction) and transiting Mars is coming to activate them – so may as well roll out the surf the surprises red carpet.

I hope you understand my meaning….
peace out peeps ~