Hobbits of Jupiter

Look how handsome !
I love me some Hobbit !  … you guessed ? lol.
Hey, I freely admit to being all over Middle Earth and Jedi Knights.
Sexy scruff and swords ? !  mmMmmyes please & thank you !

Anyway, several weeks ago I had posted my praise of all things centaur. (My natal vibes very Sag.) …I must have given someone ideas – they knocked on my backdoor looking for Hobbits of Jupiter.

Ok.  Love.
HAD to make THAT happen !

I have mentioned before I think Hobbits are primarily Taurean, they love gardening, eating, drinking, pipeweed, singing etc…
So in honor of the 10th anniversary of LotR, and the New Moon in Taurus with Jupiter in Taurus and a Grand Earth Trine – I am going to delve into Hobbit synastry !  YaY !

Astrology really cracks me UP sometimes ~ if you don’t believe me, then study it for yourself  and you’ll see …!
Enter Bilbo asteroid # 2991 and you will see it is at 10 degrees Taurus ~
Hobbit Heaven ~ the more the merrier, I say…!

Sean (Sam) and Elijah (Frodo)

I have written about Elijah before here (click), but a quick recap :
Aquarius Sun, Mercury and Mars; Scorpio Moon, Venus in Capricorn, Saturn and Jupiter conjunct in Libra.

Sean is Pisces Sun and Moon, Mercury in Aquarius, Mars in Sagittarius, Venus in Capricorn, Jupiter and Neptune conjunct in Sagittarius.

Synastry : Venus conjunct in Capricorn they like each other, Hollywood film kids in the business (Capricorn) all grown up, familiar with each others work.  Sean was in The Goonies; Elijah, Back to the Future 2 wearing a colander ! – just for starters.

Sean’s Pisces Moon trine Elijah’s Scorpio Moon, so they feel simpatico – water signs feel everything, emote well – so most likely made the Mordor scenes easier for each other.

Sean’s Libra Uranus is conjunct Elijah’s Saturn /Jupiter conjunction
Elijah’s Scorpio Uranus is conjunct (out of sign) Sean’s Sagittarius Neptune / Jupiter conjunction
That’s a heck of a lot of creative ideas flying around (Uranus, Libra, Neptune), and both are actively involved in favorite fund-raising projects year after year.

Sean’s Aquarius North Node is conjunct Elijah’s Mercury and Mars which sextiles Sean’s Mars.  They treat each other well, when Elijah got to pick the next Bacchus (Mardi Gras) he chose Sean to follow him.  Good friends.

Sean’s Saturn is conjunct Elijah’s Chiron – both are trine their Venus’ in Capricorn.
Sean is most likely a steady force, offering support and patience, an older brother type influence.

Billy Boyd (Pippen) and Dominic Monaghan (Merry)

Billy is Mega – Virgo  !  Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto.  Moon is either late Libra or early Scorp, I don’t have his exact birth time.  He has North Node and Saturn Rx in Aries like me, his Mars is in Leo.

Dom is a Sagittarius Sun, conjunct Neptune and Mars.  Cancer Moon, Mercury and Venus in Capricorn.  North Node conjunct Uranus in Scorpio, Jupiter in Taurus.

Synastry :  Well, no surprise – it’s good.  These two have a ton of fun on and off camera.
Billy’s Mars is conjunct Dom’s Saturn Rx in Leo.  They trine Dom’s Sun, Neptune, Mars conjunction in Sagittarius.  Leos play.  Period.  Dom’s Sag stuff wants to run free, so game on !

Billy’s Mars kick starts Dom’s old man Saturn every time, gets Dom going.  Not that it takes much encouragement for a Leonine planet to go all goofy or anything.

Dom’s Capricorn Venus is trine Billy’s Virgo city, so earth to earth, sensible but randy !
Moons are (roughly – again no times here) trine one another, they feel the same about many things, relate to one another easily.

Dom’s North Node and Uranus conjunct Billy’s Moon.  Dom gave Billy a cake with Bees all over it – hence the name Beecake for Billy’s band – a dream that became reality after LotR.

Elijah and Billy synastry :  Elijah’s Capricorn Venus is trine Billy’s Virgo city.  Elijah’s Neptune is trine Billy’s Saturn Rx in Aries.  Elijah’s North Node in Leo is conjunct Billy’s Mars.  Being a huge music fan, it is very likely Elijah encouraged Billy to pursue his career in music and helped boost his confidence in that area.

Elijah and Dominic

Synastry : Capricorn Venus’ conjunct.  Solid friends, have remained so.

Dominic’s Pluto is conjunct Elijah’s Saturn / Jupiter conjunction in Libra; which trines Elijah’s Sun.  Dom is likely busting a bit of Elijah’s conventionality into new horizons of creativity and reformatting relationship / partnership matters – several business ideas have been bandied about over the years.  Perhaps something will eventually come to fruition…?

This much I do know…Dom has Jupiter in Taurus (23 degrees) and his new creative endeavor “Wild Things” is coming up to bat very soon as his 6th house is filling up with all the new moon energy and transiting Jupiter in Toro is coming to conjunct his natal Jupiter.

*note: Dominic has a very strong Saturn Rx in Leo that trines his Sun, Mars and Neptune – he is very active in conservation, having bought a small forest in India.  He is also fighting to protect animals who are unable to ask for help themselves.
Info at twitter here ! (click)

This New Moon energy in Taurus plus the grand Earth Trine is a primo reminder to honor our mother – Gaia – and all of her creatures big and small ~
Earth Day is Sunday  !

let’s be kind to our Mother ~