Polarity Pong

Void Moon in Aquarius
Moon into Pisces 
Monday 4:49am CST, USA

The more I study astrology, the more I love to watch the energies of synastry unfold.
It fascinates me – the underlying theme that makes people tick / tock. 
I’m a Leo Venus in 8th; a cat burglar picking human energetic frequency locks.

Where is the high voltage ? 
How do we plug into each others sockets ? 
Where are we grounded ?
Where are we getting love morphine straight to the vein ?  <~ Yeah baby, I want sommadat.

Here’s how you do it.  Get your natal, get natal of the person you are keen to figure out.
Drop their natal planets into your natal chart.  Eg. put their Aries Mars into your Aries house, their Taurus Sun into your Taurus house…etc… all around the wheel drop their planets into your houses.

Conjunctions are areas where the energy works together like a team of horses – same polarity and element, there is innate understanding, see life from the same vantage point.

Trines are where co-operation is easy – same polarity, same element, yet different signs, different natures, similar expression through a different approach.

Squares are friction and obstacles where positive meets negative, different elements – energy is restless.  Ignore at your peril !  Solve your squares, and you have the relationship growth you are looking for.  Squares operating well are more powerful than a trine when well oiled and firing on all pistons – because you are covering more bases – more polarities, more elements to express the energy.

Oppositions are compromises of the same polarity, different elements – indicates a juggling of power and energies.  My turn / your turn type of thing.

Sextiles are the same polarity, different elements – they indicate areas of opportunity, growth and merging of energy.  Sextiles must be activated, you have to look for the opportunities here, you have to make them happen.

A few examples:

My Super Sag ex has Jupiter smack on my Saturn, that feels good, lemme tell ya.  Happy-go-lucky, life of the party Jupiter on Old Cuss sourpuss Saturn ?  Hell yeah it felt good.  My Saturn trines my Sag Mars, so his Jupiter does too.  We traveled all over the states to hear live music.  We went on tour and threw down hard . . . good times though. I have a ton of Sag energy for not actually being one. 
Note: learned astrology = mystery solved re: why I have dated so many Sagittarians !

The major stumbling block – his 4 planet Sag stellium (falls in my 12th) squares my Virgo Sun/Ura/Plu stellium. His personal planets were drug into surprise metamorphosis that is, well, me.  and vice versaNote: energy does go both ways.  His Moon smack on my Moon – we felt the same about many things, particularly music and partying – we both have a killer Moon Neptune opposition. This ended up not being not so good, obviously.  I still dream about the curve ball surprises he dished up: part and parcel of the 12th house activation.
 My Dad had Uranus smack on my Toro Moon (trine my stellium), Suns trine, Saturns conjunct (which trined my Mars and his Venus which were conjunct).  When he was in the hospital and I would show up, the nurses always remarked how quickly his blood pressure / heart rate would normalize.
I recently met someone with Virgo Moon – conjunct my Sun, trine my Moon.  His Mars smack on my Moon, his 8th house stellium conjuncts my Saturn and trines my Mars. I mentally noted how weird it was that I felt comfortable right off the bat.  We dove into metaphysical subjects straight away when we hung out, and he was picking up on all things astro / tarot lickety-split. My Sag Mars sextiles his Jupiter in Aquarius – if he wants to learn astro, he’s got a teacher, but he has to ask for it.  haha

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