Moon in Pisces coming to conjunct Chiron
Venus quincunx Jupiter Rx in Gemini

Let lucid daydreaming on the seas of emotions lead you
mental metamorphosis is underway
balance is sought in houses Gemini and Capricorn

North Node in Scorpio
be vigilant

streamline your powers of transformation

Mars in Aquarius
innovates, inspires change
demands freedom of expression

There is work to be done
in all cardinal signs

Venus coming to conjunct Pluto in Capricorn
Capricorn house is heavy and steady at the moment
:: Love money creativity ::
metamorphosis is imminent in these areas
crack open, find new growth

Past lives, loves, losses
are popping in the brain pain
 L E T  T H E M   G O

peace of mind
self-mastery is primo material
for metamorphosis

Re-invent how you USE money, love and art
 in order to find balance

What is most important for your
mental, emotional, spiritual and physical

Mercury conjunct Sun
is thinking it over
turning the outdated past inside out
to reveal the shiny brand new future
think long term, be visionary


4 thoughts on “daydreamdirect


    I always enjoy reading what you write!

    My Moon, Neptune, Vertex, and N. Node are in Scorpio (5th), and I’m still attempting to draw Excalibur from the stone, so that I can become a creative Queen of my Inner Kingdom!

    Have a productive and blessed day!


    • Happy New Year Ace ! Thank you, I enjoy your posts as well, they have a lovely old world feel.
      May Many blessings and new paths to creativity be opened to you in the coming year ! Thanks for being such a ray of sunshine today ~ you have a fantastic day as well !

    • …sounds lovely… I love farms (Saturn ruled) and grew up surrounded by them.
      I used to bay at the cows / bulls and they would come to greet me at the fence. They are so calm & zen with big eyes blinking. I didn’t know then that my Moon is in Toro, haha ironic !
      Did you by any chance see the wee goat video I posted after your goaty goat comment ? Buttermilk – crazy as a March Hare ! You might get a kick out of it – I sure did !
      Blessings to you as well Ancient Librarian !

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