Your density

Dark Side of the Mystery – Enkel Dika

…I’m your density… ! 
~ George McFly

I want a clever futuristic kid with an inventor sidekick arranging my hook-ups, lol.
Instead, it looks like I’m gonna have to pack up my North Node of Destiny and lug it into the future like everyone else.
South Node indicates where you have already been.
North Node indicates where you are going ~ your destiny.

The lunar nodes are the orbital nodes of the Moon, that is, the points where the orbit of the Moon crosses the ecliptic.  South Node is always opposite the North Node in the natal chart.

North Node is known as the dragon’s head (Caput Draconis, or Anabibazon).
It is considered benefic, Jupiterian in influence. (expansive)

South Node is known as the dragon’s tail (Cauda Draconis, or Catabibazon).
It is considered malefic, Saturnian in influence.  (restrictive)

If you have South Node conjunct a planet in your natal chart, it will be a place you will feel past karmic ties – work the energies of that planet – metamorph it in order to move toward your future, the North Node.  North Node influences generally begin to kick it into high gear in the late 30’s early 40’s.
Unless you know Marty McFly, then you got a leg up.

If you have a planet conjunct the North Node it is an immediate tip-off to what your vehicular transport into the future will be.  Mercury – communication, Venus – creativity, Mars – athletics, that’s of course, very general, but you get the idea.

Direct contacts are your first clue, then look to where North Node lives by sign and house, and the planet that rules that house. 

For instance, I am North Node Aries with 11th house Mars in Sagittarius quintile Uranus, Mars trine Saturn Rx in the 3rd.  Astrological writing.

North Node traits to develop
Aries or 1st house : trailblazing, self-reliance, personal ego
Taurus or 2nd house : self-worth, patience, boundaries
Gemini or 3rd house : communication, thinking, curiosity, trading ideas
Cancer or 4th house : empathy, nurturing, expressing feelings
Leo or 5th house : taDA ! it’s me, enthusiastic creativity, fun, willpower
Virgo or 6th house : organization, routine, analyzing details
Libra or 7th house : diplomacy, balance, cooperation with others
Scorpio or 8th house : awareness of power, merging, catalyst for change
Sagittarius or 9th house : explore world & ideas, philosophy, trust in higher power
Capricorn or 10th house : self-control, discipline, goal setting, commitment
Aquarius or 11th house : unique viewpoints, equality of people, worldview
Pisces or 12th house : imagination, mysticism, cosmic connections

South Node is familiar, easier – the worn groove, been there, done that.
North Node is the path you have to bushwhack – infinitely more rewarding !

If you meet someone with North Nodal contacts to your chart look to the energy connection to see where you both will benefit.
For instance, Mars on your North Node would inspire you to action in some way, Pluto would completely change your life for the better….

If you meet someone with South Nodal contacts to your chart, you have work to do with this person that was not completed in your last life.  The energies will need working through until they are either released or metamorphosed so you can move into your North Node future.

I met someone who had Jupiter smack on my Aries North Node.
Obviously beneficial.  North Node AND Jupiter.
I learned (Sag/Jupiter) astrology by studying in order to write (Saturn trine Mars quintile Uranus) his natal chart.  I taught him (North Node on his Jupiter) about the spiritual side (Sag is my 12th house sign) of space objects.

Find and fulfill your destiny~
Zeus, Clash of the Titans



Full Moon at 17 degrees Libra approaches…..Friday at 2:19 pm CST, USA

Viggo is Libra Sun.  Aquarius Moon.

Full Moon in Libra will be trine Viggo’s Chiron.

He is a beautiful diplomat (Libra stellium) who knows the actions (Aqua Moon trine Mars Rx in Gemini) must be thought out, researched, explored – for there are two sides to everything.  Possiblities are endless.  Life, time is in a constant state of flux, always.

Yet Saturn is exalted in Libra…he knows some things are timeless.  Love and kindness, for example. (Viggo has Libra Sun, Venus, North Node and Chiron all sextile Saturn)

The right word, gesture or tiny seed of an idea planted at the precise right time can change everything for the better. (Mercury conjunct Jupiter, both sextile Pluto in Virgo)

Saturn Rx currently rests on his Libra Sun, is approaching his North Node at 22 degrees Libra. Saturn will go direct on his North Node (conjuncts his Venus) on Monday the 25th of June.  A project, an agreement, a labor of love years in the making will flower or reach culmination at that time.  It will likely involve travel and a respected mentor.

Viggo has Saturn in Sagittarius.  The serious thinker and traveller, he works (photography, poems) while he plays, he documents and records what he sees.
If you are very lucky, he will tell you what he is thinking.

Viggo’s Libra Venus is conjunct my Mercury.
Gehn hahn-nohn
 No in elenath hîlar nan hâd gîn

Elemental & Energetic

My energy has tanked the last few days – Mars & Pluto activation, etc.. soOo I finally took a night to mummy up in soft fuzzy blankets, lay around with my kitties and read ~ utter bliss !
Finally finished
The Key (click).  It was a fabulous read with unique spiritual and environmental perspectives.  I marked a couple of things to share.  (You might want to read my previous entry to get up to speed on the book. The direct link to buy it is at the top of that post.)

This first bit refers to the precession and the ages of man. 

Whitley: So how are we to approach God ? What is the nature of this infinite being that resides in every grain of sand ?

The Master of the Key: When you say God, you think of somebody outside of yourself.  You think as the age of worship thinks.  Over the last age, that of Pisces, the elemental body was changed by this process of worship.  It is not the same as it was two thousand years ago.  Now the receptacle is larger.  Now each of you can contain all of the universe.  That was not true then.  Now this is a species of sacred beings.  But you are babies, still ignorant of your powers.  The last age was the age of the external God.

This is the age of God within.

Whitley: What is real religion ?

The Master of the Key: From outside of time, man’s effort to know God appears as a single form, a work of art that has evolved across history.  You have created it in three phases.  The first is negative, the age of sacrifice.  This is why the Old Testament God is so terrible.  The moment that God tells Abraham not to kill Isaac is a record of one of the most sacred of all human moments, for it sets the stage for the next age.

The second age is positive, the age of worship.  This is why the God of the New Testament is full of compassion.

Your present age is when man and God become one.  You find in yourself Christ, Buddha, Allah, Krishna.  In this age, the elemental body has evolved to the point that it has the potential to reflect divine ecstasy.

Interesting, yes ?
Neptune into Pisces is up next…  

Whitley: What is heaven ?

The Master of the Key: Music.

Whitley: Are you being facetious ?

The Master of the Key:  Heaven is a state of being that intensifies the spin of every electron in the body.  It is a music that begins in the root of being.

Now check this bit which is so Uranus square Pluto~

Whitley: Why does a process of extinction cause intelligence ?

The Master of the KeyEvolution is pressure.  Pressure causes struggle.  Creatures struggling not to be destroyed evolve adaptations.

earlier in the text:
The Master of the Key: The purpose of meditation is two – fold.  It is to organize the energetic body so that it will not lose its integrity after it can no longer depend upon the structure of the elemental body for its form.

Cosmic Neptunian reading, yes ?  It is a book filled with thought – provoking conversation, definitely worth a look.
Be aware The Master of the Key speaks of us ‘choking on our own garbage’ and the ‘evil of secrets’ perpetuated by those who are the control behind  government officials.  If you are looking for sunshine and rainbows, some of this book isn’t for you.

I do find it interesting that The Master of the Key mentions being thankful for the shadow for it is the teacher.  God is everything – All One.  Evil is NOT the way, but it shows the way.  Darkness is what the Master of the Key calls the ‘compassion of God’, its very existence reveals the light.
Sounds like a weird concept until you think of  Yin yang.

There is no bad karma – all karma is good karma, for even the ‘bad’ karma has worth, for it is the teacher – the enlightener.

The elemental world may only find communion with the energetic world by releasing fear.  It is fear we must transcend.

Oppositions and squares in the natal chart are what cause us to grow.  They push and pull us – forcing us into action.
The same can be said of conflict between two charts. Challenging synastry with another who pushes our buttons will force change.  In order to relieve the difficult aspects, the internal (square) or external (opposition) stress, we create solutions, we compromise, we find balance – we evolve.
We love.

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards, Colette Baron – Reid

Card energies to bring benevolent highest good for all readers, the Key wrap – up ~

42  Wide Open:
Expand your horizons beyond what you believe to be your limitations.  Express yourself and your unique viewpoint.  Re-train your brain. Possibilities are rich and infinite – manifest !

11 Balancing Act (Spirit Card):
Choose harmony over discord, and success will be yours ~


Ps.  The book I am reading now is even groOovier – The Source Field. !!
It takes All One to a whole new level ~ love it !

More on that later…