photo 10Tarot of the Origins

Quick read for energies into Full Moon – insight leading to highest manifestation.
Card 1 Saturn
Card 2 Uranus

1 Animal of Soul – A man following the tracks of a rhinoceros.  Supervision.
HA !  Is this card not SaturnMan ?  Well, of course it is – but with a kicker -the Knight of Soul is the proper way of stewardship.
This card reflects Uranus Aries – a singular horn, a psychic feeler at 3rd eye.

Supervision with love.

Apply the lessons of this card:
globally – environmentally
personally – self supervision
jointly – how you walk upon our earth *

* Jupiter quintiles Part of Fortune bang on Taurus Descendant at Full Supermoon Lunation
while Jupiter is quincunx Neptune in Pisces.


photo 11Elemental Tarot

2 Eight of Water – WELL
Naaki is the Finnish Spirit of the Waters

Moon and Saturn – Self-control and consideration

This figure sits in meditation, head bowed.
His left hand (symbolizing the past) reaches into The Well, the circle of life, the Triad of Birth, Life and Death. A nod to Jupiter, which rules 3 and growth.
Reflect upon your past while moving into your future, avoid making the same mistakes twice.

The checkered panels show dualities, polarities of day/night, love/hate, etc… while the waning phase of the moon on the card indicates withdrawing to THINK & FEEL.

Saturn squares both Sun/Mercury & squares Full Moon – time out, restriction, pulling back the reins, doing your own thing.

The doors on the wall symbolize opening new paths to Emotional Expression that will accompany this Full Lunation in Aquarius.  The hills represent highest aspirations.

Uranus ruled Full Moon opposite Sun both square Saturn urges us to think creatively while also working with others – as we are able.  Boundaries are, at times, most beneficial.

Respect the search for your individual inner truth – your path to enlightenment is yours and yours alone.  


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