Twisty !

Monday November 26 
4:48pm CST, USA
Mercury stations direct

Wednesday November 28
8:33am CST, USA
Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
Gemini 6′ 40 degrees

Mercury stations can be a bit dicey – Mercury is The Trickster, after all.

Not only that, but the upcoming lunar eclipse is in the sign of Gemini – Mercury rules.  Any and all communications are operating like juggling balls of thought.  Gemini rules the hands – great for multi-tasks, they are the information superhighways of the zodiac.
 Gems are walking trivia libraries, full of bits of useful info – happy to disperse and enlighten.  They are pleased as punch if you tell them something new / juicy.

Moon is nearly full bringing illuminations and culminations to your Gemini house.  

Mercury stationing near an eclipse is likely bringing duality and lots of it. 

I have been getting so much information and all in pairs, is a bit weird – but cool.  Seeing two viewpoints, getting two messages, two great ideas – the double edged sword of truth, that sort of thing.  This is heightened by Uranus stationing direct 2 weeks or so.  Uranus is polarities and duality as well, so double lucks, double happiness, double insightful blessings to all my readers . . .

Thursday December 13
New Moon in Sagittarius 2:42am CST, USA
Uranus stations direct 6:02am CST, USA

Outer planet stations are often felt weeks prior, especially if they are prominent in your natal.  I happen to have it prominent in natal and progs – wild ride – I tell ya ! 

During this square / eclipse season it is most important to BE FLEXIBLE.

Get extra sleep, drink extra fluids, eat healthy, stay grounded – this is a ton of AIR !

The urge to communicate is strong at the moment – do so – journal, chit-chat, write a haiku whatever.  When dealing with others, be patient, misunderstandings are likely near stations, send another missive explaining if you need to.  Asking for cut and dried commitments is not favored at this time, wait it out . . .it will happen if it is meant to.