express yourself

photo 26Friday February 28 
1 Mercury Direct 18 degrees Aquarius 8:00am CST, USA
Saturday March 1 
2 New Moon 10 degrees Pisces 2:00am
3 Mars Rx 27 degrees Libra – Direct 9 degrees Libra May 19

3 Card draw re: aspects above: intent, clear insight leading to highest manifestation

1 Ra Family of Sun: Nebt-Het 
She is associated with boundaries death and decay.
(Mercury direct squares Saturn in Scorpio – death)
She is a goddess of Words of Power.  
Death and corruption vital to alchemical work.
Breaking of forms so that new forms may be created. (Uranian energy)

2 King of Michael
Clear rational thought & diplomacy – honesty and fair and balanced judgements.
This New Moon is renewal of healing, via feelings – also words, thoughts.  
Think Teamwork – both within and without; Micro and Macro.

3 Sun
The Star which regulates (our recognized) passing of time on earth. Mars Rx slows to resume peace talks (Libra) reassess highest calling of spirit [love] via Pisces Sun.
Masculine energies, outgoing, yang.
Express yourself

Peace out