All things great & small

imageTarot of the New Vision

Explorations into the combined retrogrades of Aquarius Mercury/Jupiter Leo.
Mercury is direct, (out of shadow March 4).
Jupiter direct at 12 Leo on April 8.

What can be gleaned from these thinking, communication retrogrades ?

Sevens are mysterious, different, intellectual and metaphysical.  Ruled by Uranus (Aquarius) seven represents freedom, change and inventive eccentricity.  Seven of pents represents contemplation of action, patience and being at a crossroads.

I am feeling this one.  No longer waiting for Bloom, it’s done.  Hallelujah !  Orli’s chart was one of my most read posts here.  I completed a major undertaking recently, was left wondering …”now what ?”  Actually I do know my next few steps, but with the giant project over, I had to re-form another big picture, brainstorm another lofty goal.

I had lost what, over time, had become my refuge, or so I thought.
This card points to re-evaluation for all of us.

Uranian/Seven rant:
No one is alone, truly alone – for we are all on this rock/boat together in a vast sea of space.  Not only are we physically (via the elements) and psychically connected, but know also other dimensions are present as well.  We have guides, angels (Uranus rules angels and Aquarius) and messenger friends in the animal world as well.  We are loved and supported though we may at times have felt abandoned, that is not the case.
This one in particular is for all you single folks out there…keep going…if I can keep going through hell, so can you – just keep going.  I’ll see you on the other side.

imageWild Wood Tarot

Now for Jupiter which is still retrograde for several weeks…
What have we to glean from this transit ?

Not growing fast enough, creative misses, skillcraft fumbles, uncontrolled waste, scattering energies.  Oh yeah…Jupiter does love to explore new vistas, and the seemingly relentless navel-gazing may be getting a bit old.  Believe me I get it, my 8th/12th solar, just call me swamp thing.

Fives are ruled by Mercury – flexible, full of surprises and opportunity.

This retrograde is here to teach us creative patience, control and stillness.  See the irony and laugh at distractions for they are great teachers.  Goats, gators, elephants and birds are totem messengers, but so are flies and mosquitoes.
All things great and small.

peace & acorns
Gneiss Moon

crazy cat lady

seed-pod-song-eric-edelman Eric Edelman, both

Mercury stations direct in a little less than an hour – hallelujah !
2:17pm CT, USA

My keyboard has a much closer time/ratio between typing/screen – brilliant, as I don’t fancy taking 3 hours to write a two paragraph post.

This Mercury Rx bookending the Eclipses been a particularly buggy pet retrograde at my place.  I’m a multi-Virgo, Mercury rules Virgo, rules pets. Mercury retrograde on my natal Mercury has found my cat hanging out in the oddest places.  She has taken to kitchen ceilings (we had words) and second story balcony rails. She’s sleeping on the most uncomfortable thing in the house rather than the posh, carpeted, 4-story crow’s nest I drug in here for her (and her now AWOL sister). Natch.

Kitty’s been dive bombing me :: Geronimo ! :: from the stratosphere while I sleep.  Talk about rude awakenings – silly o’clock in the morning – my little 3 lb  fuzzball (lb = Libra) makes the whole couch rock n roll.  Just this morning I was tossing laundry towards the basement, didn’t see her and it knocked her off her perch (two foot drop).  whoops ! sooOorry !  

Mercury out of Rx zone November 10 at 2 Scorpio.
Expect communications, ideas to pick up speed as we near this date.  Dexterities surrounding all will improve, also note Mercury direct will sashay with North Node of Destiny through the 30th.

Heads up – Mercurial/Venusian horizons will be expansive – info will be on deck.  Keep your eye out for synchronicities, clues.
Doors of creativity will swing wide open.  Love, friendship, self-expression, money and trades of same will be geared towards the future.
Let’s do this !

Hang in there baby
Gneiss Moon

the seer looks up

Hermes was the god of the birds of omen, birds despatched from heaven under the divine inspiration of prophetic Apollon. Only seers, under the god’s patronage, could distinguish birds of omen from those “idly-chattering” and interpret their divine messages.

Hermes presided over the rustic art of divination by pebbles aka Lithomancy practiced in the highlands of shepherds and cattle-herders.  He was said to have learnt the art from certain Nymphai known as Thriai, given to him by Apollon in a trade for the music of the pipe.

Mercury stations direct today, in the shadowzone (degree where it began retrograde) until September 9, when it will return ‘fully’ direct.  Communications become easier, less technical mishaps, less typos, less re-working, less navel gazing, revisions of the past finally completed.
warp speed factor one….