the seer looks up

Hermes was the god of the birds of omen, birds despatched from heaven under the divine inspiration of prophetic Apollon. Only seers, under the god’s patronage, could distinguish birds of omen from those “idly-chattering” and interpret their divine messages.

Hermes presided over the rustic art of divination by pebbles aka Lithomancy practiced in the highlands of shepherds and cattle-herders.  He was said to have learnt the art from certain Nymphai known as Thriai, given to him by Apollon in a trade for the music of the pipe.

Mercury stations direct today, in the shadowzone (degree where it began retrograde) until September 9, when it will return ‘fully’ direct.  Communications become easier, less technical mishaps, less typos, less re-working, less navel gazing, revisions of the past finally completed.
warp speed factor one….