Gaia speaks

Hurricane Irene feed from Global Weather Satellite

Transcendent Neptune (seas) sextile (opportunity) Pluto (turning point), unpredictable Uranus (strong winds of change) in square (restless energy) to Pluto (rebirth) which is in a grand Earth trine.

North node of destiny is quintile the Chiron Neptune conjunction from Sagittarius the sign of understanding.  Neptune is in the powerful ( fully saturated) last degree of Aquarius (humanity at large), and Chiron is the wounded healer, herbalist, the teacher.

Transpersonal message from the sentient Earth to all earthkind…?

Pluto (turning point) is in Capricorn (Earth), Saturn (responsibilities) is in Libra (seeks balance) an Air sign (communication).  The Moon is waning to dark (a sign of introspection), duty-bound Virgo Sun (conscious awareness, life) is conjunct Venus (love and harmony-rules Libra and relationships).  
Venus is also trine (co-operation) Jupiter (hope) in patient, practical Taurus, the sign it rules.
Mercury goes direct in Leo the sign of expressing the heart in the sign opposite of futuristic, visionary Aquarius, and we have a message from our Mother…