be at ease

I pulled these cards for my readers, with the intention that the reading will deliver guidance on the path towards the most benevolent outcome for all.  This reading is activated when you read this post.

I call this layout Foundation of Strength , the bottom two cards are the foundation; the resulting strength is indicated in the single card above.

 IX- Aloneness
befriend your quiet stillness, listen to what your heart whispers teach you, unfold the divine wisdom within, fully embrace your aloneness…
Be a light unto yourself ‘ – Buddha 

< Slowing Down
let go of attachments and illusions, be free of expectations, find joy and beauty in each moment, each breath of life.  The essence is at ease.

XXI – Completion
insightful third eye understands the whole : self, life, cosmos, endings and beginnings present in each moment

namaste ~

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