wrap it up

Venus (love, money, art) has entered Aquarius and is in a tidy T- square with Saturn (restriction) and Jupiter (extravagance).
Venus is square Saturn and Jupiter (internal conflict) and Saturn and Jupiter are in opposition (something someone else does).

I could go on about the strain on the contents of your wallet, or lack thereof.
I could go on about angsty love woes or the lack thereof.
(Boring !)
Venus is sextile (opportunity), and Mercury trine (ease) Uranus, the intuitive, innovative change-up planet, so…yes…you will be getting insights into love, money, art and Venus ruled things….
but, until then … Venus in Aquarius does its own thing….so here’s the deal~

Venus is cloth, Saturn is knots, and Furoshiki (風呂敷, furoshiki) are a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth.
It is artistic, eco – friendly ~ and how cool, cloth square: *presto – change-o* it is giftwrap/ purse/ sarong..etc…

Saturn is wrap and conservation, and Sun is generosity.
Sun enters Saturn – ruled, Cardinal Earth Capricorn on December 22.

I Use is the Capricorn motto.  They are the builders, the practical, career – driven, students of the school of hard knocks.  Built to last, they stick around when the going gets tough.
Capricorns are ruled by Saturn … faithfulness, tact, discipline, diplomacy, rocks and crystals and the Earth you are standing on.
Click here for a larger image of the Saturnian knots below.