caverns old

Venus (love, friends) square Saturn (earth, hobbits) square Jupiter (travelers, adventurers).
Squares are friction and they get us up and moving…! 
Trines are easy, somewhat lazy.
For the record, I actually think hobbits in general are Taurus, but…
Bilbo and Frodo have The One Ring and that’s Saturn without a doubt.

Dwarves !  Dwarves live in the Mines of Moria and mines are Pluto.
Sun is coming up to conjunct Pluto, so expect a light in dark places very soon haha stop me with the elvish quotes already !
Another year until The Hobbit.   Ack !   Patience, precioussss…
Mercury communication is square Mars the tease.
Saturn patience opposite (compromise) Jupiter (distant travel) teaser trailer.  haha

3 thoughts on “caverns old

  1. So Saturn in Scorpio !
    Dwarves mining in the Lonely Mountain.
    Peter told Neil to get in a ‘dwarven state of mind’ to write it.
    Love it, here it is…
    :: Song of the Lonely Mountain ::

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