infinite possibilities

Jupiter stations direct 0 ’22 Taurus, Sunday December 25 at 4:08pm CST, USA

Jupiter rules Sagittarius, luck, wisdom, exploration and philosophy.  While in retrograde all these things are expanded in our inner landscape, our mind’s eye is busy working out how we will meet our highest expectations on the material plane.  We work out the kinks in our ‘infinite possibilities brain’ before creating them into reality when Jupiter turns direct.

Jupiter is fire stationing direct in earth, that’s power behind the material plane.  Think optimistic, optimum efficiency for creating and expressing yourself.   What will you build – how will you build – who will help you build ?  Sagittarius is a sign that loves friends and lots of them, and let’s face it…we are all in this together.

Look to your house of Taurus, any aspects Jupiter makes to other planets for how the above will work for you in your chart.  Also check the house of Sagittarius for answers about how Jupiter will expand and multiply matters in your life.


2 thoughts on “infinite possibilities

  1. well, this is a positive post 🙂

    i have a 2nd house sagitarius moon which sort of stunned me when i learned about it – i had drawn some silly conclusions from knowing some sag sun females in the past…
    as i learn about sag energy, i find it makes a lot of things more clear. i can see how having a sag moon creates stumbling blocks in the psyche when one doesnt realise how one ticks. and my virgo sun finds sag a bit irritating! lol
    jupiter also resides in his home in my chart ruled by taurus.
    WOW 🙂
    i am looking forward to this direct movement. wish i could say i understood what has been happening whilst its been retro but that would be untrue. i have always known i was ‘where i am supposed to be’ and it will be good to have some confirmation again after such a foggy patch.
    thank you and

  2. You are welcome Mary Beth ~ a fellow Virgo YaY !
    We’re a picky lot, aren’t we ? haha You have probably noticed I don’t stick with one thing when posting, I mix it up a bit, that’s my 9th house Sag stuff exploring…
    Sag Moons are wonderful ~ your feelings (moon) of self worth (2nd house) are expanding for the better ( Jupiter ) that’s great ! Same for me, I have moon in Taurus and am gathering energies, making plans (Virgo Sun in 9) for generating income in the new year.

    I don’t always know what’s going on while planets are retrograde either, like you say, it becomes clearer when direct. I do know love is steering the ship in my chart, ( I have Venus conj Jupiter in 8th) and that’s the most important thing. Being positive just feels better. Have a great day !

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