Leo Lovelight

Moon is in Scorpio

Neptune Rx and Chiron Rx
In Pisces 

Mine your soul – tap your deepest feelings
whip UP your own brand
of spiritual healing

Inner still Waters
Cosmic Sea Waters

go with your feelings – INtuition is sharp
5 retrogrades are looking within

Mercury Rx and Leo Sun
Trine Uranus Rx
and North Node

Feed your electric soul
your heart
create your thoughts with positive faith
possibilities are power

Boldly Captain your own Moon ship
deep Scorpio waters

YOU chart YOUR course
feel your way

Mentally Map
then Manifest

Venus trine Saturn
quintile Uranus Rx

Working thoughts and crafting balance
pride of journey and self
Leo Lovelight

a zing of courage & light of positive fire
from unexpected quarters

Neon Hopper brings
Fast Forward progress
and a
Light in Dark Places


peace & progress

2 thoughts on “Leo Lovelight

    • Entomologist said my Hopper is a young nymph, is why strange color. If a girl, when grown, the thorax will look like a post hole digger, for burying eggs. The tiny ball feet can swell & contract so hopper can grasp better.

      Fascinating, yes ?

      More totem info:
      In Native American Indian symbology and tribal lore grasshopper symbolism deals with messages of glad tiding. In this context, the grasshopper is a harbinger of good news. Indeed, when this creature is seen on spirit walks, it is a sign that the seer will receive profoundly joyful news that will benefit the entire community.

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