Suck it up, Sweetheart.

tumblr_mxw2g1cqal1sgnzt8o1_400Budi Satria Kwan

Venus into Pisces tomorrow delivers a square to Saturn in Sagittarius through Friday, then lessening.
Creative obstacles must be overcome by walking through, over, around, under what is SEEN – just believe + keep walking.  

Believe in what (who ?) you ask ?

Love, money, relationships ahem REALationships – we are in Pisces here.
Balance, trades, social graces, women, popularity.

Saturn slows the work but we have (Taurus motto, Venus rules) Venusian OPTIONS waiting to be tapped like the mother vein of SOURCE.
Venus in mutable Pisces certainly delivers higher octave creative choices on deck – drowning in a sea of woe is not an option – not with Saturn involved.

Suck it up sweetheart is this sirens song.
Everyone has issues – how we USE the issues is the making of us.
Yes I said US.  Together.
North Node in Libra, y’all.
Work it.  Saturn !   Aquarius is detached, impersonal – if your growth requires becoming more open and accepting, you will explore that with this transit.  (Uranus on south node, Mars in Pisces)

Note as this square perfects, so does Mercury Rx conjunct Sun in Aquarius.  You may be surprising yourself with all you have to offer.  Others will be letting you know as well, messages incoming from all quarters.
Conscious, Subconscious, totems, spirit.

Venus with Neptune will loosen the boundaries Saturn is setting in the sign of looking with our higher mind vision.  Instead we will be USING THIRD EYE higher intuition and emotional connection.

Fear is the mind killer. (Dune)
Build a wall or build a bridge OR – build BOTH.
Mercury and Jupiter retrograde – higher & lower mind are working out the internal kinks between personal will and collective progress.

Believe in Love
Have Faith.
Whatever that means to you.
Gneiss Moon

Oms & Draags

Moon is nearly full and opposite Mercury and Pluto.
I am feeling the weird, for sure.
Anxious expectation.
Full Moon Monday 1.9.2012 at 1:30am CST,USA

Moon and Priestess are frequent visitors in recent readings…
AND my Ganesha card was on the floor this evening.
Silent potential. 
The cosmos tells me obstacles need removing.

… and how are You fine folks ..?

Sun (creativity) is quintile (gifts) odd Uranus.
Venus conjunct Neptune the octaves of art in the sign of the strange, Aquarius.
Aquarius= Science, Neptune= Fiction

SoOo that’s my cue to head off to watch the winner of the special jury prize at the 1973 Cannes Film Festival.
La Planète Sauvage   (The Wild Planet)
One of the best sci-fi animated movies ever.


More astro soon ~  peace out.