Lunar Librans

Dream Idyll (A Valkyrie) 
Edward Robert Hughes 

::Moon in Libra::
See if you FEEL the influence of the decans as Moon moves through Libra.
(Moon enters Scorpio on Sunday 3:51pm CST, USA.)

Decans of Libra
1-10 degrees (now) : Venus ( beauty, refined, cultured, attractive and magnetic )
10-20 degrees : Uranus ( cerebral, fixed and disruptive, signals the odd )
20-30 degrees : Mercury ( versatile, dual, communicative boost )

Moon in Libra people possess an innate caring and sensitivity towards others.  They are changeable in artistic tastes, romantic relationships, and seek harmony in all relationships.

Bending to the will of others to avoid an argument is common.  

Libra Moons create beauty wherever they go and in all facets of life – fashion, art, books, film, music, architecture, all this and more are cultivated in the art world they surround themselves in.

They are sensitive with a need for peaceable surroundings in order to operate at their best. They make excellent diplomats – seeing both sides; both points of view – with the ability to peaceably compromise between two opposing forces.

Home tends to be artistic and a focus of importance where a personal oasis is formed to retreat from the public.  Moon is public, and so is 7th house – the other.  Moon in Libra folks would do well to balance professional public time – private time wisely.
Take time to recharge in beautiful comfortable surroundings : meditate, music, bells and smells – this helps Libra Moons find their center.

A few things Libra Moons must remain aware of / steer clear of: compromising too soon, vanity, laziness, vacillating, faulty motives, being judge and jury all in one.
The seventh house is also the house of open enemies, so best be aware of the scales of balance at all times and act accordingly.

Emotions are keyed into these Libran scales – watch the phases of the Moon and note personal fluctuations WITH HER for more insight into yourself, Libra moons.

Libra Moons are kind pleasant friends, attractive to the public at large, refined, charming and loving.
Enjoy our Libra moon, all …


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